I originally recorded this mixtape back in 1997. As you might guess, it was the sixth tape in my hip-hop mix series - I've since gone on to 10 total, but for some reason, it has become the one I have gotten the most props for. People have told me, over the years, that this is the favorite tape they have by me and DJ Shadow even has it as one of the mixtapes shown in the liner notes for Private Press.

Over the years, folks have nudged me to make more of my old tapes available on CD and while I've resisted, I decided if any single one of them was going to get "reissued," it might as well be the fan favorite. *Note: The CD version is a little shorter than the original. Partly it's because my tapes were always 90 minutes and I can't fit that on a typical CD. More importantly though, some songs just ran on too long to my liking on the old tape and I decided to edit the songs to make them shorter and keep the pacing brisk. All the original songs still appear though: an intriguing mix of indie and major label hip-hop that's a snapshot of the underground circa 1996 and 1997.

Hope you enjoy this blast from the past.


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