Monday, January 12, 2004


Ok, since my "blog family" to the right keeps ever-increasing, I decided to highlight the ones I spend the most time reading.

  • Yello Kitty is written by my girlfriend Sharon and though I suppose I'm highly biased, she's pretty much the smartest person I know, with a wonderful command of prose to boot. She usually only updates once a week or so, but covers a diverse set of topics, from the links between architecture and terrorism to winter fruit.

  • Jeff Chang is one of the other smartest folks I know and his Zentronix blog mixes up all kinds of topics that deal with both contemporary politics and culture, not to mention tantilizing details for his upcoming, fall 2004 book, Can't Stop, Won't Stop that's going to change the game as it comes to books on hip-hop.

  • Writer, scholar, baseball nut Hua Hsu finally got his blog, To Here Knows Where, going and while it's still in its infancy, I have high hopes for where he might take it.

  • Sasha Frere-Jones is a blogging machine - dude posts at least three times a day and is seemingly online more than I am (believe me - that's a scary reality, if true). I always get something out of visiting his blog, each time I go.

  • J-Smooth's blog is far, far more than just about hip-hop. His interest in politics, criticism, movies, etc. is stunning and between him and Sasha, I probably get more ideas for blog entries than from any other sources.

  • Ian Steaman's Notes from a Different Kitchen and Nick Barat's Catchdubs blogs are similarly diverse in the range of news items they tackle, and both have a great sense of humor when it comes to what they post up.

  • Portland's Julianne Shepherd has a great blog, Cowboyz 'n' Poodles that mixes up the personal with the cultural in a way that I appreciate and always get something out of. I'd say the same for her friend Jessica Hopper over in Chicago, with her Tinyluckgenius blog, especially since she's now actually posting on it more than once a month :)

  • On the media tip, I turn to Fimoculous and The Blueprint on the regular since both bloggers are fairly prolific with the amount of information they post. The latter is more opinion-based which I like since she's willing to bash when necessary. The former appeals to the info-geek in me since he's always pulling out interesting tidbits on society and technology.

  • And before I forget, Margaret Cho is a MFin' blogging monster. I can't believe that with all the other things she probably has to work on, she has time to post up on her blog as much as she does. Moreover, she's not posting up some self-aggrandizing bullshit but is really out there advocating on politics and social issues. I actually feel really bad I spent so much of the mid-90s bagging on All-American Girl. Check her out.

  • Last but not least, I've been winding my way through the explosion of first-person sex blogs which have become all the rage since...well, duh...they're first-person sex blogs. The problem is that while the confessional aspect of them is what attracts people's voyeurism impulse (myself included), the vast bulk of them are boring. I mean, let's face it, any of you who have ever watched boring porn knows that sex, on principle, is not always that interesting and just because someone wants to put up a blog about their sexual exploits doesn't mean it's any more compelling than reading about someone's gardening exploits. One lone exception is the much lauded Dirty Whore Diary which, far from the prurient name it has, is equal parts open therapy, relationship advice, and compelling personal narrative (not to mention frank, candid descriptions of sex you wish you were having). I mean, this is the kind of stuff that people get book deals off of (though usually, they turn out to be entirely shitty fluff like The Nanny Diaries or The Devil Wears Prada). Read it now before she sells out and get co-opted into writing Nora Ephron-meets-Hustler type dreck.