Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Ok - I admit, I'm totally obsessed with DJ Danger Mouse's The Grey Album (available now!) I went back and listened to the Beatles' The White Album for the first time ever and was just amazed by how good the Beatles were. I mean, yeah, I feel stupid saying that since they're the fucking Beatles for god's sake but despite growing up, listening to them and buying their anthologies, I never listened to The White Album in its entireity and - damn - it's incredible. If you slept like me, go get this album, now.

Second of all, I'm absolutely floored at Danger Mouse's deftness in how he chops up the Beatles' songs into little sonic fragments and then rebuilds them into his beats for Jay-Z. There's nothing lazy to his sampling here at all - he's doing Timbaland-type work to program these tracks to perfection. Check out what he does on "99 Problems" - he's lifting at least three or four differnt elements from "Helter Skelter" to make that beat happen.

Me and Hua were so impressed by the quality of DM's production, we did the ubėr-nerd thing and actually cataloged the samples (excluding drums) that Danger Mouse uses for The Grey Album. This is as close to accurate as we've figured out so far but it may yet evolve with more listening and input.

The Grey Album/White Album Sample List.

(FYI: I have a review upcoming in the San Francisco Bay Guardian that properly reviews the album)

Also, speaking of interesting remix news - Hiphopsite.Com News is reporting the possibility of an Illmatic remix album.
    "there are rumors that Columbia is jumping on the remix bandwagon by discussing plans to remix Nas’ Illmatic, with a similar take on how the Black Album was initially supposed to appear (ten tracks, ten different producers). Only problem, word is Columbia are having problems tracking down the original masters of the LP.