Tuesday, January 06, 2004


Hiphopsite.com's annual year-in-review column is one of my favorite pieces to peruse. Pizzo and his merry band of Las Vegans spare nothing in lambasting the wack and praising the good. Frankly, their tastes are so out of whack with my own, I more or less skip over their "Best Of" lists covering conventional ground like "best emcees", "best rhymes," etc. In fact, I don't think I agreed with anything they wrote in those sections (maybe I'm just bitter that "Fair Weathered Fan" got their pick for "Best Conceptual Rhyme" but then again, I might be inclined to agree despite the song's content). I mean Pizzee - the Neptunes also produced "Light Yo Ass On Fire," "Beautiful," and "Excuse Me Miss Again." And you're putting them under Alchemist? And why is Eminem even on list of "best producers"? A one note style (minor key baby!) does not a producer make (though that seems to have benefitted Premier pretty well all these years).

Quick observation: HHS splits their list into two categories - Majors vs. Underground/Indies and it is incredibly striking how massive the distance is between those two categories now. A lot has changed in only about five years and this gap between where different hip-hop heads are at is stunning. Unless of course, there are a lot of cats picking up both Lloyd Banks and the Weathermen but I'm not banking on that.

Anyways, where the fun really gets going starts with their section on Beef: Memorable Battles of 2003 and keeps on extending to such notable categories as The 5 Biggest Bitch Moves of 2003 and The 5 Dumbest Moves by a Rapper. Nothing but pure comedy.