Saturday, January 24, 2004


ghostface drops that stanky funk flavor

Let's start by saying that Ghostface (regardless if he keeps the "Killah" in his name) is the best reason for any hip-hop fan to wake-up in the morning and feel like everything's going to be alright. I forget this from time to time because unlike folks like Nas, 50 or Jay-Z, Ghost doesn't try to stay on radio 365 days a year - he just drops that science when he feels like it, taking 2-3 years between albums and keeping his appearances to a minimum otherwise. When he comes back, he comes BACK with a vengeance, sweeping in with songs that get you so amped off his flamboyant personality that even a jaded MFer like me is getting excited for the release date on The Pretty Tony album. Meanwhile, you have some incredible cuts to keep you company:
  • "Run"-Yeah, you know the goddamn deal. This is one of the hypest songs we've heard in the last year - "when you see me coming/get the fuck out the entrance!" Dude had me screaming like Howard Dean.
  • "Beatles"-This will never get cleared but Ghost raps over an instrumental version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." I gently wept listening to it.
  • "Ghost Heard It All Before"-It's Ghostface over Sunshine Anderson's "I Heard It All Before." Dumb hot.
  • "Ghostface"-Dumber hot. That beat is more amped than speakers plugged into the third rail. Or something like that - seriously, it's just that good. (more Ghost goodness available at Wu Tang Corp.Com)

DJ Nu-Mark has a new solo album due out in the spring - Blend Crafters, his long-awaited chance to shine on his own after his many years with Jurassic 5 (he's not leaving the group, just doing his own thang for a minute). His production just keeps improving - folks have slept on dude for way too long. Peep his work for Chali 2na's upcoming Fish Out Of Water album, a song called "Comin' Thru" (you need to scroll down to find it). Nu-Mark will also be releasing a mix-CD through Sequence called Hands On in the Spring, sometime after Blend Crafters comes out.