Thursday, January 22, 2004


this is what I wore to prom
(ok, not really, see below re: Shogun)

  • More Black Album remix nuttiness. Check out Amiri's The Blackprint Album. This joins the steadily growing list that includes: The White Album, Brown Album, Grey Album, Black and Tan Album, Black Jays Album and whatever else is coming down the pipe. I hope to god this fad burns itself out soon even though I'm enjoying some of the mixes out there. Amiri's remix of "What More Can I Say" uses this great loop from the Sylvers that I always thought would make a dope beat.

  • The Mingering Mike saga continues - he's alive and well and you can read the update here and it includes photos of his albums.

  • That was fast - there's already a book out about Yao Ming, written by my namesake, Oliver Chin. It's The Tao of Yao.

  • Speaking of crazy remixes - here's Lil Jon Meets Howard Dean. Is this the new anthem for the Democrunk Party? (originally spotted at different kitchen)

  • Check out this North Korean anti-American propaganda ad called "Fucking USA". Love how they keep morphing Dubya into both a devil and hairy ape. I didn't even know North Korea had anyone trained in CGI. If you want something less political, here's a video of North Korean athletic dancing for kids.(originally seen via Sharon's blog)

  • It's the Year of the Monkey (forget that Gregorian calender crap) - Jeff Chang points out that based on historical precedent, we might be in for a helluva ride.

  • Just as The Source Magazine is undergoing a melt-down of unprecedented proportions (and well overdue I might add), Jay Smooth reviews the real history of the magazine.

  • Damn, Jin better watch his back, Shogun is here. (Peep: dude is Chinese but calls himself Shogun - how's that for pan-Asian solidarity?) (originally clowned by Catchdubs)

  • The Worst of the Twin Cities. Hey, how come more cities don't have this as an annual publication? (originally spotted at fimoculous)

  • Dizzee Rascal love.

  • Dizzee Rascal hate.