Thursday, February 26, 2004


  • Are Outkast guilty of "red face"? Kandia Crazy Horse thinks so in a well-written criticism of Outkast's performance at the Grammy Awards this year.

  • I could care less about seeing The Passion of the Christ, but props to for their "Man on the Cross Street survey". Comedy.

  • On the Passion tip: "Women Dies During Screening". Looks like Mel Gibson kept the scenes of graphic violence a little TOO real.
    (spotted at catchdubs)

  • This is dumb hot. I'm not even a huge dub fan per se, but this Dub Selector interactive flash jawn has me open like a bag of candy. For real - you could spend hours here, channeling your inner Lee Perry. The crazy thing is that it's damn near impossible for you to sound off-riddim here (hint: someone should tell American Idol singers about that).
    (spotted at catchdubs)

  • Asian moms are a consistent lot. Triet over at Effervescently Meaningless posted an email from his mom and I swear my mom could have sent this too, scary.

  • Imaginary Girlfriends. Basically, it's like phone sex except it's by letter and there's less sex involved. Brilliant? Evil? Both? But hell, this ain't nothing new - we've ALL had imaginary boy/girlfriends - this just takes some of the imagination out of it all.
    (spotted at fimoculous)

  • Speaking of imaginary girlfriends, Nerve.Com's Grant Stoddard tests out the "Real Doll" and has the photos to prove it. Disturbing yet oddly alluring all the same...
    (spotted at

  • Not only is this (fake?) ad for Nutrigrain bars funny as all hell, but they got a dope Ananda Shankar sitar funk track pumping underneath. The director, Justin Reardon, has a collection of similarly bugged out clips - check out his Nintentdo ad.
    (spotted at The Black Table's Black List)

  • From fake ads to real ones, those Quiznos ads, with the singing rodent puppets or whatever the hell those possum-lik mutations are, are plenty disturbing but not nearly as disturbing as the originals. Listen to the original theme, called "We Like the Moon" as sung by Joel Veitch and his "spongmonkeys."

  • There are few rules you should really observe in society. Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. Be kind to children and animals. Give up your seat on the bus for little old ladies. And do not, for the love of god, battle Jessica Hopper. Our girl Hopper was complaining about how the new issue of the Fader includes photography bordering on kiddie porn and this dumb ass, wanna-be Gavin McInnes-type responded in his blog, aiming for smarmy but landing on asshole instead. In a just world, this dude deserves a raging case of open genital sores. Or at least to get his car keyed. Whatever's clever.