Sunday, February 15, 2004


College Republicans at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island have established a scholarship designated for white students only. This is supposed to be a parodic criticism of affirmative action policies and while this will surely get the outraged attention of people everywhere, all it's really going to do is make these guys seem like a bunch of misguided racist morons. Which of course, they are. And why is always College Republicans who come up with dumb shit like this?

I mean, college lefties I knew weren't the most strategically gifted people I knew either but a scholarship for whites only? I'm sorry, but in a world filled with evil geniuses like Karl Rove, these guys are strictly sandbox in their sophistication. Enjoy the attention guys and I hope the forthcoming beatdowns will be suitably painful.

P.S. Jason Mattera, the brain trust behind this plan, is a Puerto Rican who himself received $5,000 in funding designated for "minority students". I'm sure many will point out the hypocrisy but let me just ask the obvious question: Jason - you give back that five grand yet?