Friday, February 13, 2004


This is a first. I've been called onto the carpet, not for something I wrote in this blog, but for something I didn't write. Clyde, over at Hip Hop Logic posted this criticism of me and J-Smooth for being late-comers on the story about the Native American protest over Andre 3000's Grammy performance:

    You know, Jay Smooth and Oliver Wang have been my twin stars in the constellation of hip hop bloggers, in part because they almost always come correct on the political tip. So when I heard that Outkast was being brought to task by Native American groups for their bullshit appropriation of Native symbols, I knew these guys would be on it. But they weren't.
What kills me is that Clyde admits he didn't post on it sooner because he didn't actually watch the Grammys. Well dude, neither did I - I read the results, heard some stories (like the 50 Cent thing) and wrote my post based on that. If I didn't report on the protests, maybe it's because 1) I noted that a lot of other bloggers already did and 2) I don't report on every possible thing I could post on. All this aside, Clyde also tries to pull my racial card with this little dagger:
    We won't discuss the fact that if Justin did blackface or some other loser showed up with fake slanty eyes, these brothers would be all over it.
Well, there's currently a petition trying to censure Lost in Translation for stereotyping Japanese and I didn't post about that before (ok, until now) and that's about "my people."

BUT, now you all know that Native Americans think Andre 3000 is a bastard and Asian Americans think Lost In Translation sucks so I think that means I've done my blogging duty for the day.

  • Let me also add that Justin Timberlake is catching a bad one for being a punk little coward for back-stabbing Janet. (seen on Hua's blog).