Wednesday, February 18, 2004


roll on, willy, roll

First of all, how does Matthew Rogers, manage to advance despite all the judges agreeing that his rendition of "What You Won't Do For Love" was waaaaaaack? I'm telling you why - it's because he's this white yahoo reppin' for red necks and pick-up trucks and there's no other white contestants who fit that same bill. AND, if I have to listen to him brag about how "I was in the Rose Bowl" one more time, I'm gonna holla. Who cares if you played college football? If you were first string for an NFL team, ok, navel-gaze away but really, we don't give a fuck.

In some better news, my girl DJ Anna mentioned that William Hung has been offered a recording contract by Koch Entertainment. Say what? Dude is gangster large. MSNBC has more on the story.