Wednesday, February 18, 2004


you think this will hurt manolo blahnik sales?

  • Alas, it's time to bid adieu to Sex and the City and I have to say - the writers have done a fantastic job of closing the show out with some of the best material they've ever created. Everything this second half of the season feels so much more deep and meaningful rather than just a series of cheap laughs and titillating sex talk. For once, I actually feel real depth coming from the main four leads and it's been a wondrous thing to witness. I looooove Miranda and Steve together as a family - she seems so much better for the relationship yet doesn't sacrifice the edge that's been her signature. Charlotte seems so much less annoying now that she's settled down in her new family life (and let's face it, cute dogs never hurt). Samantha has been incredible the last few episodes, not simply dealing with her breast cancer, but also how adult her relationship with Smith has been. Carrie...well...Carrie's been her twitterpated self as always, surprisingly the weak link in the chain since she keeps coming off seeming rather twiggy around her new Russian/artist love interest but she also gets to grow into a relationship in a way that we haven't seen with either Big or Aidan. Personally, I'm rooting for Big though I'm predicting she comes home to New York and chooses neither man. We'll see come next Sunday. I'm genuinely sorry to see the show go, especially since it's riding such a high wave right now.

  • I'm loving Alias right now. It's entirely, absolutely convoluted and I pity the fool who stumbles into this show mid-season (hell, I pity anyone who hasn't watched the first two seasons). I mean, the Da Vinci Code is less confusing but if you've been a hardcore fan of this show, it's paying off in spades. Lauren, Covenant? Teaming up with Sark? Sydney and Vaughn making eyes at each other again? Jack, the biggest bad ass ever? Marshall married and a father? Gimme more, more, more. All this needs is for Lena Olin to come down on her price and this show is so far off the hook, there's no reeling it back. (Note to Quentin Tarantino: you still are better at making movies than starring in them.)

  • If you haven't watched Arrested Development please do? Besides being the drop-dead-funniest sitcom on t.v. right now (ok, after The Simpsons), it brings us the return and redemption of Jason friggin' Bateman. That has to count for something - maybe everything. What next, will Skippy from Family Ties pop up? Can the return of Jim J. Bullock be too far behind? Seriously, Bateman is great, the whole cast is great, the writing is on point and funny and you're missing out if you're missing out.

  • I stopped watching Survivor early into the "Africa" installment and I haven't regretted straying away but with this new All-Stars format, I'm back and loving it. So much shit-talking and back-stabbing, this is why they invented reality television. I, like millions, are just gleefully waiting for the day that Richard gets served off the island. It will happen, people. It might even be better than seeing Jerri get voted off of "Australian Outback."

  • Last but not least, this isn't a TV show but I caught the second half of Wong Kar Wai's Chungking Express and seriously, it has the best closing scene ever. Besides the fact that Tony Leung is positively hunkalicious and Faye Wong ain't looking bad in a flight attendent uniform, there's just something so giddy and wonderful about how this scene ends. In Tony's eyes we see attraction, adoration and most of all, this belief that the future is limitless. It is such an incredibly optimistic statement, communicated in just a look and then, just to top it off, Faye's cover of "Dreams" (Cranberries) kicks in just to seal the deal. It's better than ice cream.