Monday, April 26, 2004


  • Another William Hung sighting, courtesy of Miskabobs. Factoids you may or may not have wanted to know about the hero-zero of the hour:
      "-He's probably gonna quit school for a while to pursue his dream.

      -He's meeting Yao Ming next week [aka the second most famous Asian in America]

      -He doesn't know how to flirt. He asked us how!!

      -He thinks Jessica Simpson is better than Beyonce.

      -He's pretty slimy. He kept putting his arms around us. EEkkk. [Wait - he doesn't know how to flirt but he knows how get all octopus? Rewind!]

    They grow up so fast! *sniff*

  • Putting new meaning into the phrase "blasting music", a company has created an MP3 player that fits into an AK-47. Is this for real? Or will future guerillas be terrorizing villages by threatening to play 9,000 songs worth of prog rock solos?
    (credit: Mo Ca$h)

  • Daaaamn, it's the Complete Compendium to Kayne West productions. Ain't no love? Hell naw, nothing BUT love for Kanyeezy on this page. So when's that Ced Gee page coming dudes?
    (credit: Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage)

  • Am I the only one who was surprised to read this? Man on Fire edges out 13 Going On 30 this past weekend. A R-rated revenge actioner starring Denzel beats out a PG-13 girl flick starring Jennifer Gardner? Maybe it's time to ease back on the Julia Roberts comparisons.

  • TV Ratings...
      Upgrade: Deadwood. This show keeps getting better every week. I figure after Wild Bill got popped off (true to history), the show would lose some spark, but the writers haven't held back a touch. Lord almighty, you thought the The Sopranos had some unlikable characters but Deadwood is stocked with some true c***sucking bastards. Amen to that.

      Downgrade: Sopranos. After my initial excitement with the season, the last few episodes have been inconsistent, especially with Tony B.'s flip-flopping personality. I don't know if I should feel happy now that he's gunning down fools - it adds excitement but I wish he'd stay consistent. And what's up with Edie Falco's increasing nude scenes? I'm not mad at it but DAMN!

      Upgrade: Angel. Is it me or has this become the best primetime drama on TV right now? It's probably me but eh...maybe not. I can't believe they're canceling this...

      Holding even: Alias. Enough with Rimbaldi already! Everyone's waiting for Lauren to get served so hurry up! Jesus, this show is threatening to become another X-Files (which is both good and bad).

  • The New Segregation: Beyond Black and White. Now it's a rainbow of inequality!