Wednesday, April 21, 2004


Asian American Actor needed for Romantic Lead

"American Knees" is a feature film adapted from Shawn Wong's best-seller. Acclaimed writer/director of "Charlotte Sometimes," Eric Byler, to direct. Lisa Onodera, Sundance winning producer of "Picture Bride," and "The Debut" to produce. To be filmed in and area the SF Bay Area Nov-Dec, 2004.

RAYMOND DING--Male lead, Chinese American, mid- to late-40's. Handsome, poised and refined history professor; well-spoken, no accent.

New talent and actors of other Asian ethnicities are welcome but they must be believable as a mid-40's Chinese American male.

Send ASAP three (3) sets of photos (headshots/full body), resume and reel (if available) to:
SF Casting
Karma Pictures
13699 Skyline Blvd.
Oakland, CA 94619

Call backs next week for auditions end of April, first week in May.

PLEASE, NO EMAIL SUBMISSIONS they will not be reviewed--snail mail only.

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