Thursday, April 22, 2004


Ok, ok, hold the hell up
: Jennifer got voted out? Let's decipher the demographic science. The best guess I have is that fans of the "three divas" split the vote between Jennifer, La Toya and Fantasia. That's the only way any of this makes sense. We already know that John Stevens and Diana DiGarma have survived this long on wack ass voices/performances strictly because they're the only two white people left in competition (yeah, you heard me - it's affirmative action for Whitey saving their undeserving asses). Jasmine has the whole of Hawaii calling in. George has his own clique, probably a lot of women actually who just like his charm.

This changes things some what because it means that Fantasia and La Toya are potentially putting each other in trouble. If they split the vote again, it's going to let a lesser talent slip by. Here's hoping Jennifer gets some love outside the Idol circuit. She deserves a lot more props than a hack like J.S. or D.D.