Friday, April 02, 2004


jay-z ain't got nothing on leo

Fans of The Jay-Z Remixes take note: Some background is first required. This is a very inside joke by the forum folks over at but a year or so ago, forum members decided to play a joke on unsuspecting beat diggers by offering Leo Sayer's Endless Flight (a crappy, bargain bin filler) to anyone foolish enough to ask for a secret squirrel funk recommendation. Since then, Leo Sayer has become catch-phrase in the forum anytime someone wants to elicit a cheap laugh.

Then came The Grey Album by DJ Danger Mouse. When DM set out to create an remix album using samples from a single source, including drums, it has since sparked other producers to find ways of working with a select amount of material and see what they can create out of it. Earlier in the week, an intrepid Soulstrutter laid down a friendly challenge: take Leo Sayer's Endless Flight and make beats from it using only the album as your raw material. This might seem like a silly project but I like the fact that these bedroom producers are game enough to try.

Here are the results.