Thursday, April 15, 2004


rain? what rain

First of all, big shout-out to J.C. and the other J.C. (but not this J.C.) since we were joking earlier this evening about what big blog dorks we are. I think I win - I guess my sister was right after all.

Anyways, the Neumos gig went bust when almost no one showed up - it got so bad that they shut us down after an hour. The owners do not play! Strangely, I had fun though despite this, especially since I did manage to get about half a dozen people to dance (not bad considering that there were only about 10 people there total). This included the incomparable J. Shepherd (sure, she was one of the unofficial promoters but that had nothing to do with it) plus the newest sensation to come out of Olympia, WA: Scream Club.

I don't know if I can really do Scream Club proper credit by attempting to describe their ouvre, their perfomative aesthetic, their steez...what is worth nothing is that they were supposed to perform at Neumos but when that got shut down, they simply went over to Re-Bar, a dive-esque bar/club in the middle of a grimy '80s night and performed there. But illy ill though was that when we got to Re-Bar late, they simply gave us a performance in the parking lot.

If my brain were slightly more functional, I'd attempt to describe what it is you're seeing, but imagine four female rap/rockers dressed in leg warmers and sporting pink wigs, sing/rap and dance over an electro-influenced track, talking about how "sexy's on the inside." the middle of a parking lot in Seattle, around midnight.

And the thing is - I totally felt them. The song was hella catchy (not to mention conscious!), their performance not nearly as campy as it may sound (no more so than, say, Fanny Pack) and considering the evening's circumstances, the most entertaining part of my day. The group is supposed to have a full-length project due out later this year: check for it. (I did agree with one small critique though: if they renamed themselves the Scream Team, that'd be heat).

  • Finally, American Idol dumps a talent-challenged white dude but the wrong one. JPL gets the boot, but really, people need to stop feeling sorry for Carrot Top and send him back to high school.

  • Saw this coming off the Bay Bridge the other day: How can you not feel someone who'll put the Babe secret sheep code on a personalized plate?