Monday, April 19, 2004

(by Oliver)


Ok, maybe it has been, but right now, it seems like everyday brings some kind of bad ass viewing options. To wit:
  • The Sopranos. Last week's episode, directed by Steve Buscemi, was crazy . For once, I almost liked Christopher: kicking the living crap out of a friend that owed him money one day, making sure he got to rehab the next. Pure diamond brilliance.
  • Deadwood. I haven't written on this Western melodrama much but I've been hooked since day one. Not only is it the most profane show in the history of television (as well noted, the term "c%#sucker" is favored the most) but it also boasts an incredible cast (the best this side of The Sopranos I dare say. Roll call: one of greatest televison villain I've seen in years (Al Swearengen, a portrait of unabashed malovence played by Ian McShane), a fully off-her-rocker Calamity Jane (played by Robin Weigart), a Wild Bill Hickock who was here too briefly before meeting his historical fate (played by Keith Carridine), protagonist Seth Bullock, a lone straight man among the twisted (Tim Olyphant) and out of nowhere, the return of actress Geri Jewell (best known as Blair's cousin with MS fromThe Facts of Life). When this comes out on DVD (almost certain), if you missed it, cop it.
  • Angel is back and damn - they're laying on the heaviness thicker than Nutella. This show may end in a few weeks but it's going out hardcore. For those who slept on this show, thinking it'd never be as good as Buffy: ya'll slept, your loss. Seriously though, the show's balance of heft and humor is a testament to the writing; I can't think of another show in recent memory that manages to pack as much pathos in its story arc as Angel is. With the death of Fred (that's not exactly a spoiler at this point), the show has taken a dark, but powerful turn and I'm blown away at how incredible the show has become as a result. For a "fantasy" show about vampires and witches, blah blah blah, this is some of the best drama on television I can attest to. A little overboard on the moroseness, yes, but still, the show is going out with heart and head held high. You have to respect that.
  • Alias: Sister? This show has a lot of good things going for it but right now, it's all about Jack Bristow (Victor Garber), the most bad ass good guy invented this side of blaxploitation. Strictly unf#()wittable. Lauren needs to just hurry up and get killed as we all know she will be. Sark will stay alive, just like Sloan. And I hear that "the sister" is going to be one baaaaaad B who's going to create some problems for everyone else. So much for sisterly love but hey, I foresee some good ass-kickings in the future. Now just pony up to bring Lena Olin back in the mix and it's all good.
  • And you already know about my Idol obsessions. Bless/curse whoever invented Tivo.

  • G.I. Jesus?
    (spotted at From Here Knows Where)

  • The Passion of Kanye?. Speaking of Hova's son: Kanye, I was with you on "Jesus Walks," but you're pushing it. Bottomline, the real Jesus wouldn't be rocking iced out pendants and Jacob the Jeweler crucifixes. I'm no Christian scholar, but I'm pretty sure Christ didn't die for your bling, dumb asses.
    (as seen on Cocaine Blunts)

  • Oh screw it, one more:

    Jesus for MVS: Most Valuable Savior.
    (as seen at Quarter Wit)

  • I had some things to say about Kill Bill, Vol. 2 but frankly, Josh Clover says it better.

  • There's an upcoming Jay-Z tribute album, Beyond A Reasonable Doubt which "will feature the current Roc-A-Fella roster doing remakes & reinterpretations of their boss' classic songs." WTF? Seriously, what is the point? Does anyone want to hear the Braveheartz remake Illmatic? Maybe we should get the former BDP crew (D-Nice anyone?) to remake Criminal Minded? This is some dumb shit.
    (as seen at Pickin' Boogers)

  • Hip Hop Q-Bert. Wait, was I the only one expecting a short, Filipino DJ to show up on this?

  • Superstar USA. Dig this: it's like Idol in reverse. Folks think they're competing on a singing show to see who is the best, but really, the show is designed to find the worst singer in America. Cruel, underhanded - wait, why is this on the WB? Shouldn't Fox have created this? All I know is that even money says William Hung makes a guest appearance.
    (seen at Yello Kitty)

  • Dead Prez Arrested At Airport. Ok, here's the ironic thing: DP got in trouble because they wouldn't turn their radio off...this from the same group that just put out a song called "Turn Off the Radio!" Rappers, hear thyselves!
    (seen at

  • "Like Tom, You'll Get Brokaw". The best newscaster on network TV announces he'll step down on Dec 1. Damn. I grew up on Brokaw, watched him go gray over the years, but never lose that sense of stylish, earnest charm (unlike Jennings, who came off as Brokaw-lite, or Rather, TV's grumpy grandfather figure).
    (as seen on the Blueprint)

  • Spotted at a screening of the S.F. Int'l Film Festival last night: a 20-something white dude rocking a hoodie with the word "Onaism" spelled out on the front. He came, of course, alone.

  • Matos calls this one of I Love Music's greatest threads ever. "What to do when your roommate doesn't realize you're home and thusly is having loud sex in the living room". I admit, this is a great thread for reasons I can't even begin to properly articulate (though one is: damn, ILM people apparently have more time on their hands than me and that's scary). My reply to the question though is the most obvious: why don't you leave your rutting roommate in peace and privacy? I mean, sure, it's funnier to get on your computer and write something to a WWW site, but jesus christ, you must not like your housemate much (or too much as it may be) to want to sit there and witness her having sex just to make a grand joke of it.