Monday, April 12, 2004


Check this out: there is a very handy HTML tag: target=_blank that you can attach to the back of your links. This makes it so when someone clicks on hypertext in your blog, it will open the link in a new window, which means that we can still read your original entry. You cannot imagine how useful this tag for a reader and moreover, preserves the integrity of your original entry. This is how a properly entered tag would look:
<a href= target=_blank>

This may seem like some geeky HTML programming shit but really, it's very, very, very useful. Think about it.

On that tip, bloggers who don't already publish an RSS feed for their blogs (yo, that's you Catchdubs!) need to get with it, pretty please?

  • Jessica Hopper is the latest to join the iPod nation. J-Ho is up to 837 songs with another 2,000 to fill - I forget how many songs I have on my 10MB iPod but I know it's over 5 days worth of music. The funny thing is, I only really listen to the same few hours of music, gravitating inexplicably to Lord Finesse, the Wu-Tang on occassion, a touch of James Brown, but mostly a folder I call "Pop Pourri" which includes a mix of everything from Coldplay to Supertramp to Morrissey to Suzanne McCorkle. According to this well-circulated New Times feature, we only play about 20% of our total music collection and the iPod will end up duplicating that same ratio. Can't say I disagree with that, especially since I'm leaving about 95% of my iPod collection ignored at current.

  • This story is starting to get some legs. Larry Nager, music critic at the Cincinnati Enquirer was let go and how he's accusing the paper of ageism. The question raised by Editor and Publisher is simple: can a rock/music critic get too old for his/her job? Hell, at 31, I feel too old to write about hip-hop sometimes but eh, as Chi Ali would say, age ain't nuttin' but a #.
    (thanks to Jazzbo)

  • On the subject of rock criticism, Nike Patrin has a long but provocative posting about the new Kill Your Idols book being headed up by Jim DeRogatis. The book is composed of 34 essays by writers who essentially go off on critically acclaimed albums from the rock canon - everything from Pet Sounds, to Exodus, to The Joshua Tree. Patrin's critique is scathing (and rightfully so), especially when this book includes such insipid shit as:
      "It's too bad there's never been--and given our hypersensitivity to that chimera "hate speech," may never be--an equally public debate about the validity of that notoriously dimwitted genre of aural graffiti known as rap, the artistic merits of which the music media, in its zeal to see young black radicals do well, has been over-hyping for two decades now. Don't get me wrong, rap can be great fun. At its early best, before it became overrun by gangstas, thugz, pimps, hoez, and other types you wouldn't want to bring home to your grandma (or your spelling teacher), rap was the closest thing to a revival of the loose goofiness of Lieber-Stoller-era Coasters...Since then many rap albums have had their meager merits exaggerated by the press." - Arsenio Orteza in the book's essay on why It Takes a Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back is overrated (at least according to Orteza).

    I'd spend some time pointing out how incredibly stupid Orteza sounds right here but frankly, it kind of speaks for itself.

    In any case, why bother coming out with a book whose expressed purpose is to trash albums that other people like? I can imagine, it wasn't hard for DeRogatis to find 30+ bitter writers out there for the project but actually getting it published seems like a worthless exercise in pissiness. I'm glad to see I'm not the only who thinks so. By the way, is the fact that I've never heard of most of the authors in this book a sign that I'm out of touch or they are?

  • Anthony Scalia is a paranoid hypocrite. Just remember folks - lifetime appointment. Yeah, scary.

  • For the love of god: Arnold Schwarzenegger saves a drowning swimmer. That Constitutional Amendment to allow for immigrants to become President just takes a step closer to happening.
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  • Oh snap. Queer Eye for the Straight Pimp.
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  • I posted about this weeks ago, but Amy Blair at runs a regular column based on reading personals ads. I'm not always into Blair's commentary - snarky only goes so far - but I have to marvel at her public service in combing through all these ads and finding these amazing expressions of lust that only Craigslist can seem to engender. Mark my words: there needs to be a book that just compiles Craigslist ads and dissertations written as to what they say about the sexual psyche of urban Americans. Just in time for Easter, Blair delivers this pastel egg:
      EASTER BREAK treat for TEACHERS - m4w - 30

      Are you a young sexy teacher who has desires that you would never want your students to know about? Easter break is either this week or next week and you are off from school. Let me get you off. Great tongue and great dick here.

      Let's make this an awesome Easter Break!

  • Jay Smeezy takes on Dead Prez and their questionable revolution. A must read, especially the comments section. I'm not sure if anybody mentioned already, but one of the problems with the politics of the DP's "Hell Yeah," is that it collides race and class grievances together willy-nilly.
      Lemme tell you how we fend to get paid
      We gonna order pizza and when we see the driver
      We gonna stick the 25 up in his face
      Lets ride, stepping outside like warriors
      Head to the notorious Southside
      One weapon to the four of us
      Hiding in the corridor until we see the Dominos car headlights
      White boy in the wrong place at the right time
      Soon as the car door open up he mine
      We roll up quick and put the pistol to his nose
      By the look on his face he probably shitted in his clothes

      (lyrics from

    Last time I checked, pizza deliveries dudes - white or black - were not the kind of folks that you go all Robin Hood off of - they're pretty much part of the working class/service exploited, i.e. the kind of people that a true, "revolutionary" movement would seek to include, not rip-off. Understandably, it's probably easier to jack the pizza guy than it is to rip off The Fed, but it's hard to see how you're going to get the revolution started by fucking over the population of people who might actually be down with you. drops his own critique.

    Real quick: Jay-Z proves that he's still the illest with this line from the "Hell Yeah" (Remix): "Now the police, got me in the middle of the street/Trying to beat me blue, black and orange."

  • Passion of the Easter Bunny?
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  • Blog beef! Blog beef! (Yo, Cocaine Blunts - if you don't get with some permanlink action for your blog soon, we're gonna have beef, son.)

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