Sunday, June 06, 2004

THE 900 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA (not yet available on a cell phone)

1,000 words...2,800,000,000 bytes

Sharon brought this to my attention but in last month's issue of I.D. (International Design), they profile photographer Clifford Ross who has assembled a film camera capable of taking a picture at approximately 900 megapixels of resolution. Dubbed the "R1", it is presumably the most powerful film camera ever built (black ops government models notwithstanding). I don't know why I find this so fascinating but as an amateur photography fan, the idea of being able to take a picture with that much detail (and Ross built the R1 himself from decidedly old fashioned tech) is an impressive feat, no doubt. Of course, at 2.8 gigabytes in size for each image, it's not exactly something you can expect Canon to adapt into a Powershot anytime soon.