Sunday, June 06, 2004


looking for fans

Either Superstar USA isn't getting enough media coverage or Pop Life is getting too much (I prefer to go with the latter), but my two, brief comments on Superstar aspirant Nina Diva have managed to get back to the Diva herself. She wrote me an email today outlining the ways that the WB messed with her image (surprise, surprise) and why we (that's not the royal "we," I just mean people in general) should get behind this Asian sistah as she tries to conquer the entertainment industry. Given that she actually does sing and dance better than William Hung at the very least, I figured we could at least hear her out.
    Dear Oliver,

    I just happened upon your commentary.

    First of all, with a show like Superstar USA-- haven't you read their disclaimers at the end of the show?

    Second-- remember that Hollywood is about ratings, and yes, a lot of editing to fit their show concepts.

    3rd. I truly thought this was a talent contest for a 50,000 recording contract. Your Asian sista here was tired of payin for everything herself with debts galore-- can you relate?

    4th I have made a living as a professional singer dancer actor for the last 10 years with invites into Actors Equity Association and Screen Actors Guild-- plus I even have a college degree-- imagine that!

    5th -- at an audition-- professional performers follow directions within reason to get the part. They asked me to kick a lot so I did-- they encouraged a lot of what was edited nicely to fit the show concept-- do you get it yet?

    6th Yes I am a positive person and very upbeat-- just make sure to get the facts or meet me in REAL Life before you make a judgement ok?

    7th During the performances for the panel in LA -- the nice WB wardrobe team gave our costumes-- imagine that

    8th I really hope you take time to support your Asian American sista-- I've been working really hard just to have someone's cruel hoax bring me down.

    Peace bro.

    p.s. when I produced, cast, choreographed, directed, costumed, and performed in my music video-- my awesome cast and friends dubbed me Nina Diva because I am so ambitious and bring light and positivity into a room wherever I go. The name stuck and actually works in brand marketing because people remember it. That is priceless.
(Back to Nina: I feel you girl, but I have to insist that referring to oneself in the third person is still wacky. Sorry!)