Monday, June 28, 2004


My laptop went officialy kaput (strangely, this only ever happens when I'm out of town). That means I have to do this up Sugarhigh style and blog from an Apple Store (I think this means I've advanced to Level 14 Blog Druid w/ an Amulet of Dorkitude). I'll make this brief for now:

Sunday Night (i.e. yesterday)

Jazzbo, Hua and I roll off the Wessyyyyyyde Hwy. after a weekend in Boston, complete with a surprise visit from Mr. Broken Language himself and personal sojourns to see my cousin, godmother and other family.

It's warm outside and everyone is UP AND OUT - I mean the latter in the double entendre way since there are copious numbers of bare chests walking around Chelsea b/c of Pride that day (yes homo). Back home in S.F., there might be some going-ons in the Castro but elsewhere, at the same hour, everyone's cuddled up, trying to stay warm on a typically cool S.F. summer night. In Manhattan, it could be 9pm on a Friday night from what it looks like. Just Reason #2302 why I love this city.

Yeah, that a cliche thing to say about NYC but it doesn't make it any less true.