Friday, June 18, 2004


ya playin ya'self

I don't know if this is a national trend but mini-motorcycles are all over San Francisco. You hear them before you see them: their motors make as much noise as a full-size chopper, only that their high-pitched engine is far, far more annoying. It's like that whiny student who sat next to you in 4th grade and annoyed everyone incessently. The thing is: they're not supposed to be on public streets but that hasn't stopped a conspicious number of folks from driving these suckers up and down the street or on the sidewalk. And I'm not talking about 13 year old...I'm talking about grown-ass men.

For one thing, considering that these suckers can normally get up to 30-35mph, it's not like some kid running into you on a tricycle. Any accident on this is likely to put one hell of a hurting on you. But more to the point, grown-ass adults riding a mini-cycle are toys. They couldn't look more immature than if they sported diapers in public. Seriously...there is something laughable about seeing a 225lb. man squatting on top of this tiny bike, zipping around with an ice grill like they're the baddest racer this side of Michael Schumaker. Nah man, you're just providing entertainment for everyone else around you as they watch you make an ass out of yourself. Then again, maybe these dudes just want to feel something powerful between their legs, know what I mean?

  • Speaking of thugs acting dumb: 1) Don't start beef with 50 Cent (just ask Ja Rule). 2) If you're going to start beef with 50 Cent, you better be thuggin' it out with a better name than Bang 'Em Smurf. Worst rapper name since Vanilla Ice.

  • "So THAT'S how they got the video to look so realistic..." Officials admit rapper made video in jail.

  • Unbelievably, a bunch of folks must have been paid for this: Mitsubishi introduces a virtual aquarium, know...real fish are so difficult to care for.

  • Nas' new video for "Thief's Theme. His songs can be hit and miss but I'm not mad at dude's videos.
    (credit: Government Names)

  • Not all Americans hate the French. Private donors over here helped raise the millions to repair the fountains at Versailles.Why no French millionaries kicked down some money?

  • Dressman. It's a self-ironing machine. I SO need this.

  • Holy mother of god...Forbes ranks William Hung the 96th most powerful person in showbiz, putting him one step ahead of...Lindsay Lohan (and dude doesn't even rock a D-cup).

          he's got the power