Monday, August 02, 2004


what, me worry?

1) On Tuesday morning, Sharon will appear on KQED's Forum (10-11am, PST) to talk about the recent Yoshitomo Nara and Beautiful Losers shows in the Bay Area.

2) Double shot of SF/J: Sasha on The Streets and Dizzee Rascal and a really remarkable post about a day spent with Russell Simmons.

3) Speaking of which, Hua put me up on the fact that Montell Jordan has an album entitled, Life After Def which is possibly the best rap album title never used by a rapper. Joe Budden should have gotten himself kicked off Def Jam, just so he could have dropped an album entitled Life After Def.

4) A Pop Life reader sent this in: Pen Spinner video (no, not these spinners, but these spinners). You know, Asian dudes invented this whole thing. Don't front.

5) One of our favorites, Julianne Shepherd has given up the sleepy pace of Portland (and Powell's) for the manic attack of NYC (and Strand). You can start reading her exploits here. Lord, why is it all the cool kids move to New York?

6) That's not entirely true. J-Ho is cool but still lives in Chicago and she has this to say about the new Roots album:
    "In other news, aside from Chris Ryan, I am the only person in America who is feeling Tipping Point . I like it for the reason that everyone else does not feel it. Because a meditation on mediocrity, with little hot ash piles of song stuffed into tiny holes in the mix is sometimes exactly what you want. I like it because I liked Whitechocolatespacegg. It asks almost nothing of the listener. It's just songs. It's just an album. It may not even have more than one track that takes up real estate in the iPod, but that does not keep me from enjoying it because it does not engage viscerally."
We can dig it.

7) You knew this was going to happen: "Jesus Walks" the remix, feat. Kanye West and Rev. Ma$e. What? What Rev. Run too busy hawking shoes to join?
(credit: Funkdigi)

8) I think Jay-Z eeked a win out over Nas but Kid Rock? Dude, don't step to Nasty. Seriously.
(credit: Royal Magazine)

9) If you haven't visited lately (shame on you!), my man Junichi is killing it over at The Pnut House.

10) Last but not least...Contrary to popular opinion, I am not responsible for the current hiatus over at Crunkster. Cross my heart and hope to...