Thursday, August 12, 2004


you, robot

I was only joking a few weeks back when I mentioned that my b-day was coming near and that Apple was coming out with new, 4th generation iPods. By sheer coincidence though, Sharon got a 20GB model as a work bonus and not really having a need for one herself (she has a 2nd gen, 10GB model that's not remotely close to being filled), she was kind enough to slide it over to me. Wow, apparently wishing aloud does work.

My b-day is still around the corner (I share it with Marcus Garvey, Posdnuos and, ick, Davy Crockett) but of even greater pertinence, I'm in the process of moving into a new apartment which is always a wonderful excuse to go out and spend unnecessary amounts of loot on "refurnishing" (or at least, that's the story I'm selling). It's just the least I can do to keep the recession at bay, of course.

The Current Wishlist:

1) Roomba Discovery robotic vacuum. Laugh all you want, but this sounds amazing. Or maybe that's just my laziness talking. Still, I'm just saying - it's a robot. It cleans your floors so you don't have to. Who needs Rosie? Odds of purchase: 1 in 3 (of course, after S has a say, that might either plummet or jump up)

2) HF01 Sink. It's a sink. has no basin. Something here doesn't quite fit but damn, it looks good. Odds of purchase: 1 in 10,000.

3) Ikea's Ivar shelfing. I'm not trying to shill for the Swedes, but seriously, I feel bad for DJs who don't live near an Ikea. How else can you buy a shelving system that can accomodate up to 1200 LPs in a single unit - and for less than $80? Sure, in an earthquake, this will probably collapse like a deck of cards, but other than that, Ivar is the no-frills solution to getting maximum vinyl into minimum spaces. Odds of purchase: 1 in 1 (I have at least 5K records. I have no choice, believe me).

4) Coasterdynamic's The Dragon - home rollercoaster model kit. yes, for only $500, you can build your own 18 loop, backwards-riding, standing, rollercoasters at home (not like you can ride it or anything...unless you're 3 inches tall). This is guaranteed to be one of those toys that rich kids will get, play with once, and then never again. Still, it's a cool idea if you're mega-dorky (and I am). Odds of purchase: 1 in 100,000.

5) Lacie 250GB External Hard Drive. Hey, you have to store all those MP3s and digital camera pix somewhere. It's funny because Sharon pulled an old hard drive out: this thing was pretty big but I'm sure it was cutting edge at one point with its 1 GB storage size. Now folks are talking about terabyte storage (that's like a 1, followed by a gazillion 0s or something). 250GB sounds big but I'm sure that's only about 30,000 illegally downloaded songs or something. Ssssh. Odds of purchase: Infinity in 1 (already ordered!)

6) Toyota Prius. It's a hybrid (plus). A lot more expensive than a comparable sized car (minus). Has more cargo spaces than a Japanese pencil box (plus). Has an engine roughly as powerful as a lawnmower (minus). GPS navigation and built-in Bluetooth (plus). It's mad dorky ( wait, plus, definitely plus). 4-6 month waiting list (big minus). Odds of purchase: 4 in 5 (I'm saying - my current Honda has almost 200K miles and needs new brakes, tires, timing belt, coolant hoses and cap/rotor. It's about one mean look away from utter collapse. Plus, considering that it's costing me $30 to fill up (and that only gets me about 7 -10 days worth of driving), 50mpg is sounding REAL good to me right now).

7) Tweed Dunks. It's part of Nike's new "English Gentry" line for the fall (so Farnsworth Bentley). For the dandy gully in all of us. Odds of purchase: 1 in 2.
(credit: Hua)

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