Tuesday, August 17, 2004


I am not left-handed either
...oh wait, yes I am

  • What trips me about fencing - I was watching women's sabre today - is that when someone wins a point, they SCREAM as if they just won the whole match. It's actually kind of obnoxious; it's not like tennis players roar on every point they win but maybe fencing has a different ethic. But hey, those blinking lights on their Darth Vader helmets are just kind of dorky. Props to Zagunis (her of the potato sack outfit) and Jacobson for their gold and bronze finishes respectively.

  • Speaking of shouting, shot putters are pretty much on that same tip: apparently, you have to holler at the top of your lungs to get that iron ball further down the field. For a minute, I thought I had tuned into pro wrestling by accident.

  • One more shouting thing: all love to the USA women's gymnastics team and I appreciate that they want to encourage each other during the performances...but it's really disconcerting to try to watch someone on their exercise and hear these shrill voices shouting support at you. Still, you have to feel bad for the Chinese team, especially how that one girl straight up bit it on her dismount. Ouch!

  • The Dominican Republic women's volleyball team had never won a set in Olympic competition. Ever. Still, they managed to knock down the #1 ranked American team in 5 sets. You know Washington Heights is on jump-off today.

  • Korean women have won an archery title at every Olympics since 1984. The streak didn't end this year. But when it comes to blasting shotguns, no one fires off the buckshot like the USA.

  • Spotted during NBC's coverage: VW's ad for the new Phaeton uses Cut Chemist's "Lesson Six" while this Diet Coke-Lime ad uses Gift of Gab's "Way of the Light". Apparently, backpackers have invaded Madison Ave. ('bout damn time).

  • I thought the men's 4x200m freestyle relay was incredible too...but damn, I can't tell who looked like the bigger jerks: the South Africans when they won the 4x100 relay or the Americans after winning the 4x200. There's a fine line between athletic exuhuberence and just looking like a bunch of frat boys.

  • I am, however, over hating on Phelps. Dude is amazing...as is the women's 800m relay team. As is Paul Hamm. 12th to 1st in two moves? Checkmate suckas!

  • To the surprise of no one: "Dream Team most unpopular athletes at Athens Game".