Sunday, August 15, 2004


Pop Life's normally is very wary of nationalism since it tends to compel the creation of such things as government-sponsored assassinations, wars based on false pretenses, and really bad fashion choices. However, for two weeks every four years, we're down to accept nationalism packaged up without all the usual messiness in the form of Olympics. Sometimes I wonder if a nation is really "following this young wo/man" as much as Bob Costas claims, but the appeal of rooting for entire countries distilled into teams or even individuals can be profoundly powerful.

Pop Life roots for America on occassion, but we're not jingoists. While we enjoyed Michael Phelps' 400m individual medley performance yesterday, we also cheered on Ian Thorpe's victory in the 400m freestyle and secretly hope that Thrope spanks Phelps when the go head-to-head in the 200. We also marveled the Chinese synchronized swimming team and cheered when Yao Ming rolled in, holding China's flag during the Opening Ceremonies. And the Koreas, joined under a common name and flag is just a great story, especially for two countries with such a troubled history.

Speaking of national drama though, this story just keeps getting stranger and stranger. Seriously...what is up with Kostas Kederis, previously the most famous and beloved athlete in Greece, currently the most infamous one.

Pop Life hasn't decided who they're rooting for in men's gymnastics yet though Sharon, in proper ethno-nationalist manner, is going for Japan. We might just stick with the USA on this one, but we're already sick to death of NBC's commentators Tim Daggett and Elfi Schlegel. For women's, we're rolling red, white and blue, especially since Mohini Bhardwaj is team captain (she's of Russian/Indian heritage - we don't know why, but we love that hapa combination. Where's Amy Chow at these days though?)

Dark horse Olympic sports you should try to catch at least once: Badminton. I'm serious.


  • I love my new 20GB iPod but perhaps I should have considered the iPod vs. Cassette Challenge first.
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