Thursday, August 05, 2004


Normally, I'd just post this on Soul Sides but I'm just feeling some of the new songs coming out right now that I wanted to make a nod over here too.

213: Another Summer
From The Hard Way

This is the ultimate summer jammy jam - straight up park/picnic/backyard BBQ flavor. It's hard to go wrong with Eddie Kendricks' "Intimate Friends" to begin with and Kanye doesn't mess with the perfection of that sample - he just lets the vibe play out as it should.

Once the lights go down and you want to get amped for the cruise down the amp? Roll with:

Theodore Unit: The Drummer
From 718

This album by Ghostface's crew gives you all the songs that people had been hoping for on the Pretty Toney Album, including this heater feat. Ghost, Method Man, Streetlife and Strife. This is so good, it's stooopid.