Tuesday, August 03, 2004


People accused Biggie of biting Nas' Illmatic cover (thematically) for Ready to Die but compare Nas' cover with this mid-1960s jazz album cover out of Atlanta:

Eerie coincidence? Or maybe Nas dipped into papa Olu Dara's crates and saw this?


  • Um...manties. Strong enough for a woman, but made for a man.
    (credit: Pickin Boogers)

  • Straight medievel: Maggots for medicine?

  • More weird animal science: the snakehead is back. Hide your children!

  • You gotta love this story:
      "A woman in the UK has been banned from owning a TV, stereo or radio for two years, after repeatedly playing "Stan" by Eminem so loud that it made neighbors furniture vibrate across the floor. Officials measured the noise from a neighbors flat & found the levels to be 65 decibels - the legal level a passing airplane is allowed to make."