Sunday, October 17, 2004


forget a 40 oz.

  • Hua on - yes, it's true - 50 Cent Mineral Water. This is so next level, I'm serious. Vitamin water people, vitamin water.

  • Jon C on Camron in the NY Times. This is so awesome on so many levels, I can't even begin to articulate.

  • Cal = Yes!.
    Sox = Let's just not talk about it.

  • Most hip-hop awards shows are overblown displays of self-congratulatory masturbation but I was feeling parts of VH1's Hip Hop Honors show. Bringing together rap legends to cover legendary rap songs was ridiculous (in a good way). Beastie Boys doing a Run DMC medley? Mixmaster Mike channeling the spirit of Jam Master Jay? Good gawd! Nas doing that new joint with his dad? Sizzlin'. Fat Joe kickin' "South Bronx"? Hold ya heads. And Nas doing "Hold Ya Head Up"? Incredible.

  • Eugene on Turkey. More incredible photography.

  • "A Critical Forum On Television and Media Culture".

  • Have a Bic pen? They're like Kryptonite to Kryptonite locks. Amazing.

  • R. Kelly's attorney vs. Jim DeRogatis? 1-0.
    (credit: Aqua Boogie @

  • Another perspective on the Tribe Called Quest reunion tour.

  • Joe Schloss sent this over: Barney Thugs It Out.