Friday, October 08, 2004


It's not often you'll hear me say this but the new issue of Vice is kind of on fire. For their 10th anniversary issue (damn, has it been ten years already?), they produce a spoof of mainstream, glossy entertainment magazines: think Maxim, Us Weekly, Blender, etc. Provided - clowning the vapidity of these other rags isn't that tough. It's like Eminem making fun of Michael Jackson - cute but an easy, easy joke. That said, I had to appreciate how all-out Vice went in committing every element of the magazine - table of contents, contributors, the Do's and Don'ts, etc. - to the concept. I can't remember if Vice has ever tried to execute something that took up the entire issue.

I especially enjoyed their "10 Must-Have Albums OF ALL TIME" which includes: Thriller, Rumours, The White Album and...The Eagles' Greatest Hits:
    "Truly, this record runs the gamut of the audio spectrum. From the hell-raisin' "Desperado" to the sweet 'n' soothi' "Take It Easy," this is one disc that's sure to make you NOT lose your mind (like the chorus in another Eagles song called "Life in the Fast Lane" said)."


In a recent story by the East Bay Express' Eric Arnold, it seems that rappers are starting to copyright slang. Legally, no one's quite sure if one can really enforce rights on a phrase like "off the hook" or the ubiquitous "shizzle" variations. Still, until the Supreme Court weighs in on the matter, it's still a fascinating issue. After all, rappers borrow (or bite, depending on your perspective) from one another all the time...and typically, the evolution of language into slang and idiom is hardly the sort of thing that you'd expect (or want) legal or corporate interests to get involved in. However, if The Donald can copywright "You're Fired" (I'd still LOVE to see that tested in a courtroom) while Snoop calls his TV series, "Snoop Televizzle," you figure someone out there - ok, E40 - is thinking real long and hard about getting his scrilla on.

As a bonus, Arnold also provides a handy glossary to Bay Area slang, i.e. "Barney (n.): Purple-colored marijuana considered to be of extremely high potency (cf. Mistah Fab); see also Yurple"



  • I don't buy into conspiracy theories on a regular basis - for example, this nonsense about the "missing" Pentagon plane is laughable - but I'll buy into this one: Is President Bush wired? Would anyone be surprised if he was? I'd be surprised if he wasn't.

    Pull his string, watch him talk.

  • HAL gets no love.

  • This story is just too rich: Ja Rule rents a crib for Cribs. He and MTV get sued. Ha, ha, Ja's a faker.

  • Great idea, good time for it: Mixtapes-Etc: a mixtape review blog.

  • Blogomerate list of 2004's best rap 12"s.

  • Yo Pharrell, stick to producing. His new Reebok "Ice Cream" kicks are spectacularly ugly.

  • Any blog that's willing to create a "Tribute to Hydra Entertainment" gets my vote: A Tribute To Ignorance.

  • The new Roots' video for "Star" is worth catching, playing off the theme of "Everybody Is A Star." It runs through a series of snapshots of different "ordinary" people in places like Compton, Houston, Philly, etc. It's a nice break from all the big booty bullshit that's out there.