Sunday, October 31, 2004


Do I need to tell you to vote tomorrow?



It's important

  • I know I already made mention of Kris Ex's new blog but hot damn, Yung Kris is on solar fire right now. Peep his blog but also read this breakdown of the blogosphere. Please Exo, don't hurt 'em!

  • Our valued colleague Ta-Nehisi Coates (Village Voice) trucks down to Jacksonville to cover the election. Lives to blog about it.

  • This is from last week but it might be that J. Ho is still looking for a husband. If you live around Chicago and are into whip-smart bassists-cum-publicists, holla at my girl.

  • Back to Cal: BCS computations are like mystical mathematics but while Utah might be fuming, Cal is sitting pretty. Golden Bears moved up to #4 which means they might possibly play USC again in the Championship Game. Upside: we haven't been national champs since 1938. Downside: ironically, if it actually happened, it'd mean that we missed the Rose Bowl, again. Somehow, I think Cal would be willing to live with that if it means playing for #1.

  • Last but not least, I was hoping this was another rumor but looks like it's the real deal: Vallejo rapper Mac Dre gunned down in Kansas City.