Thursday, December 23, 2004


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How does one spend one's days after finishing graduate school and then left to his own devices? Lesse:

1) Checking out the new site for Jeff Chang's Can't Stop, Won't Stop (the book, the blog, et. al.) Contained therein: an interview with Papa Chang, about his book, done by moi. Don't forget, the book comes in February.

2) Playing many hours straight of Burnout 3: Takedown. I'm not remotely the hardest core of hardcore gamers but on occasion, I enjoy losing myself in a different environment. Racing games aren't even a favorite genre of mine but B3T is so much damn fun, it hardly matters. It's like car-crash-porn, just not this kind of car-crash-porn.

3) Starting to read Imani Perry's Prophets of the Hood, which has been excellent fodder in some of my continuing thoughts around the issue of race, culture, and appropriation. I know a few folks have been directed to this site by a list serv essay by Kenyon Farrow. I've been preparing a response but it's going to take a few.

4) Not reading (anymore), The Rule of Four, which was hailed as "this year's Da Vinci Code," which might make sense if they're talking about "this year's overhyped, poorly written, tale of pseudo-mythological intrigue." Actually, at least Da Vinci Code was boilerplate prose and plotting - the two pretentious authors of Rule of Four spend 2/3rds of the book talking about Princeton lore, as if any non-alumni would remotely care. I probably should have read Queen of the South instead, if I was looking for a pulpy novel.

5) Taking these out of the box, admiring them, and then putting them back in the box. I'm sorry but these shoes are just too pretty to actually, you know, wear.

6) Enjoy the upcoming album by Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings: Naturally. I have a Soul Sides podcast in the works about this CD but the short version is this: it's really, really good.

7) Getting ready to enjoy a PhD celebration dinner at Absinthe. I'm a casual foodie and my knowledge of French food is quite limited, but I do know that I love the food here. Especially their cassoulet. Mmmmm...

8) Writing up catalog entries for 2005 San Francisco Int'l Asian American Film Festival. So far, I've taken peeks at Quentin Lee's Ethan Mao and Steven Mallacor's Slow Jam King.

9) Starting to comb through 1800 blog updates. Not like I need to, but... Here's some of what's on the reading list:
  • A Tribute to Ignorance doesn't post everyday, but whenever he does, the content is golden. This time around, he chronicles the long-forgotten Lords of the Underground vs. DITC beef. Best line from the Funkyman: "they claim they chief rockas/well, chief rock these nuts, n****s." Damn.

  • The reports that Kanye may have had "help" writing "Jesus Walks," (and we're not talking about God's son).

  • This is a few weeks old but I haven't seen too many folks (besides Angry Asian Man) reporting: MTV is getting ready to launch MTV Desi, alongside two other Asian American themed channels (China and Korea). I find that extraordinary on several levels, starting with the fact that MTV Desi is coming first: a reflection perhaps of how visible South Asian subculture is in NYC and other cities. I'm curious to see what programming is going to look like, especially MTV China which, if aimed at American-born/raised Chinos like myself, begs the question of just what they'd program that's supposed to appeal to my cultural sensibilities. If it's just going to be a bunch of HK and Taipei pop ("MTV Brings You...Andy Lau, Live in Las Vegas!!!"), I'll pass, thanks.

  • One word: Yuta.
    (credit: Catchdubs)

  • Oh snap, I forget...if NBA season is back, that means, so is Chauncey Billups.

  • Uh, didn't Danger Mouse already do this a year ago? The Beastles (yes, the Beastie Boys + the Beatles). It's not like the tracks are wack but conceptually, it's a little played. Now, if they had mashed up the Beasties and the Rutles on the other hand...
    (credit: Nate Patrin's new Cool Out)

  • How did J-Ho find this blog? Oh wait, she explains here.

    Damn, this barely scratches the surface but Blade: Trinity calls. Don't laugh. (Well,ok, go ahead and laugh).