Thursday, December 16, 2004


Pop Life is still in dissertation/end-of-semester-paper-grading hell. We file (we hope) on Tuesday. Woo woo.

In the meantime, may we suggest you roll with our good friend Junichi Semitsu who not only has a new domain name under (like the purple haze motif dude, very Killa Cam), but has been killing it on the blog front of late. Burning topics for discussion over there include:

  • Also, it's been Guest Fever over at SF/J lately, with J. Clover jumping into the fray with a series of very provocative propositions on pop muzik (hippity hop in particular). Begin here and read upwards. I'll have to wrap my head around all this and comment myself. After Tuesday.

  • In the meanwhile, if you're dying for O-Dub content (and who isn't?) don't f'get about Soul Sides which has some very nice music in rotation, including a couple of Memphis-related joints, a visit with 24 Carat Black, and a tribute to KDAY.

  • This Sunday, The Wire season 3 finale. Stringer's dead. Omar and the Bowtie have teamed up. How much better can they get? Guess we'll find out.

  • Ralfi Pagan's "Make It With You." Just because.

  • Lastly, two words: Katamari Damashii. Don't know it? Get to know it. We plan to.

    After Tuesday.