Friday, December 10, 2004


already learned chinese

  • Speaking of race, identity, appropriation and hip-hop (see my last post), Prof. Deborah Wong at UC Riverside sent me this link to The Notorious MSG, a three-man "rap group" that does songs like "Straight Out of Canton." You simply have to watch the video for that song (it's under "Media", under "Video"). I'm not sure if the video is offensively brilliant or brilliantly offensive or neither but basically, you have Asian guys, playing FOBs (that's Fresh Off the Boat for the uninitiated), playing gangstas. The layers of racial masking run deep when you have a parody of a parody working on this level. What is really nuts is how much time these guys put into this project - check out their "American MSG Idol" skits too. Crazy.

  • Everyone's been hearing about how 5 Pacers and 5 Detroit fans are being indicted but not every news outlet opened with this provocative title: Elaborate PowerPoint presentation culminated extensive brawl probe. One should never, ever have "PowerPoint" in your lead title.

  • iPod Flash? Like wow but I'm waiting for the iPod Neural Implant to come out. Should be any day now.

  • Big ups to DJ Trainwreck: creator of the worst mixtape ever. Seriously, this has to be one of the funniest dedications I've ever read to a musical object. Essential reading and listening.

  • This one initially sounded like the old "cell phones might cause brain cancer" rumor floating around but it seems that medical professionals are now suggesting that, laptops may cause infertility in men. I find this completely ironic for entirely personal reasons.

  • I should have posted this up a while back but take the quiz: Are You A Rap Nerd?. I actually thought I'd pass with flying colors, but as it turned out, I was pitifully low. Who knew?

  • Just when the world (didn't) need another Jay-Z, Black Album remix, it's: The Classical Album - Jay-Z acapellas over classical music. Just read the song titles alone: "Enbernsteincore," "Moments of Hindemithity", "Mahlerlude."