Friday, January 28, 2005


gotta get outta this place

1. Looks like American radio hosts aren't the only ones in hot water for Tsunami-related "humor." A Pop Life reader sent this in: UK TV commentator gets sacked over tsunami joke.

2. I guess it wasn't the "murder" part of Murder Inc. that was the problem. Irv Gotti arrested on money laundering charges.

3. AG (from Showbiz and AG), once rhymed, "I'm nice with the mic/but I'm nice with my hands too." Looks like The Game has stepped up to claim that title too.

4. The saga of Bloodninja. Not safe for children but funny for everyone else.
(credit: HHH)

5. I can't comment on whether or not Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage's quarterback/MC comparison is accurate...but it is funny.

6. It's a small, 10 pic update, but I finally updated one of my photo blogs.

7. One of my favorite new blogs = Metrodad. Imagine a Korean American Dave Barry. Or something like that.

8. Just a random question but do you think that Eminem's annoyed that 50 Cent managed to put together a much, much tighter crew of MCs that Em ever did? As HHH pointed out - Em still gets paid off of G-Unit's successes but they make D12 look D- by comparison. I'm not even a big fan of Lloyd Banks and I think The Game's success isn't commensurate with his talent but all things considered, G-Unit still takes it over a whole range of other crews, including Dipset (though the Dips don't really need anyone besides Cam to hold it down).