Thursday, January 27, 2005


Reading through the comments section of my previous post, it's astounding how many people out there insist on the existance of some kind of powerful queer cabal that, unbeknownest to the rest of the world, is a lobbying force that would make the NRA and oil industry look like amateurs.

Apparently, the gay mafia has infiltrated PBS where they're now using cute cartoon bunnies to - *gasp!* - brainwash young children into believing that it's ok for someone to have two mommies! My god, can ritualistic cannibalistic sacrifice be too far behind?

I'd normally just chalk this up to rabid homophobia but I realize that there is something far more insidious at work here. One of the things that social conservatives and fundamentalists have mastered is the art of rhetoric to play on the paranoia of people who fear being powerless at the hands of institutions they have little knowledge or control over. A recent example: all this hype over the "liberal media." My point a few weeks back is that the media, by nature of its purpose (to pursue and report on Truth) stands in opposition to contemporary, conservative attempts to censor and limit information. Nonetheless, the Right has been exceptionally successful in convincing people that you cannot trust the media (CBS didn't help things much), unless of course, you're the paritsan jingoists over at Fox.

Of late, I've been hearing more mutterings about the "gay lobby" and how they're trying to sneak in more queer programming into mainstream media as a way to convince everyone to drop trou and start fornicating with same sex partners. The sheer level of moral paranoia is beyond rationality but I think it's having its desired effect on enough people - starting with the President, his new Secretary of Education and working its way down.

To those on the fence: please do not believe the hype. These kind of fundamentalist-lead conspiracy theories are designed to prey on weak minds and push forward an agenda that is hell-bent on destroying all civil freedoms associated with a secular society. Heck, even prominent members of the GOP know what's up.


No disrespect to the late Johnny Carson, but these two clips of his comedy schtick from the '70s put a bit of a black eye on his racial humor.
(credit: HHH)