Wednesday, January 05, 2005


  • So far, Japan, the EU and Australia have all kicked in at least $500,000,000 or more in tsunami aid (actually Australia is putting in 3/4th of a billion). The U.S. is still at $350,000,000 though apparently, private donations add in another $200 mil on top of that. I know this isn't supposed to be a competition but at this level of international public relations, you have to wonder outloud if the U.S. is going to come back and up their amount of aid, just so we don't look cheap. As many have already pointed out, $350 mil is less than what the U.S. spends in Iraq in two days. If you think about it - if the U.S. is really invested in spreading good will across the world, they could do worse than open their gov't checkbook and make their presence felt even greater in the region. Not like I'm sniffling at $350 mil but when Australia is outspending you by double, the new world order seems a tad out of whack.

    Also, just when things can't get worse, Indonesian officials are worried that child traffickers are taking advantage of the chaos to kidnap orphaned children (there's over 35,000 in Indonesia alone). After reading this, I'm glad we donated to UNICEF.

    Speaking of donations, Bush donated $13,000 of his own money. $13,000? Sandra Bullock dropped a million. Michael Schumaker donated TEN MILLION - the best Bush can do is $13,000? Where's all that Haliburton kick-back cash, Dubya? No more Texas Rangers cash? Not only does our country seem like cheapskates but our own President comes off as crazy miserly too.

  • Essence begins their "Take Back the Music" campaign. I'm very interested to see how this plays out and I don't mean that cynically at all. I'm just wondering if Essence is also aiming for any kind of financial jugular besides trying to appeal to people's moral character.

  • The Court of Appeals has ruled that the U.S. can strip convicted criminals of their naturalized citizenship.

  • There's a minor storm brewing in Georgia when a newly elected sheriff fired 27 employees and then positioned snipers on the roof as they left. Did we mention the sheriff was black and most of who were fired were white? Expect this one to become a lightning rod.

  • Surprise, surprise - availability of "morning after" emergency contraception didn't increase the number of people engaging in risky sex.

  • On the health tip: "Constipation Myths Debunked". That's great but I didn't realize constipation even had its own mythology.

  • Wataru Misaka - O.G. J.A. in the N.B.A..
    (credit: Sharon)

  • Krispy Kreme = yummy donuts but lousy accounting.

  • NPR heralds the 25th anniveresary of "Rapper's Delight"K

  • Jazzbo passed this along: Jason Gross' compiled list of the best (and worst) music-writing of the year. It's an interesting list, opens one up to many stories you might have not have seen otherwise, though - as always with these kinds of lists - there are some omissions (and no, I'm not talking about me). I'm just wondering how the hell Jason and his crew found the time to compile this. It's also interesting that Devon Powers managed to make both the best and worst lists.

  • Re: the Groupie Confessions article I wrote about last time - I really think this could be the start of something interesting. As this story grows, it's only going to encourage more people to step forward with their own testimonies of celebrity sex, putting even more embarassing details out there and frankly, I'm not mad at that idea. Not just for the entertainment value (though you have to admit - it's well-nigh high) but after rappers have been talking shit about groupies for YEARS, you have to think turnabout is fair play. Maybe next time an MC thinks about penning yet another ode to their sexual prowess, they'll think twice and decide that maybe it's smarter to STFU and not invite a former lover to set the record straight. Frankly, after hearing Nas' "Remember the Times," I want to see what Nasir's exes have to say about it.

  • iPod? Meet iBod.

  • On the tech tip (and just to be self-congratulatory), blog readership is up 57% for 2004, with roughly 32,000,000+ readers nationally. What's an even more amazing statistic to me is that 8,000,000 people have created a blog. Just sit with that for a second.

  • I felt bad for how Cal lost their big game against Texas Tech in the Holiday Bowl but after watching last night's Orange Bowl, it put it all in perspective. I mean, sucks to be the Bears, but we didn't remotely look as bad as the Sooners did.

  • Last but not least, me on Nas' Street's Disciple in the Seattle Weekly.