Saturday, January 15, 2005


I saw this via Sasha's blog but the National Arts Journalism Program has just released a new publication, Reporting the Arts II: News Coverage of Arts and Culture. You can order the pub but the entire thing is available for download (very nice).

The report is extremely thorough and there's a lot to dig through. Here's a few essays I thought were notable:

    -Lily Tung on Asian American Arts and the Media

    -Robert Christgau on A History of Rock Criticism. (Bob - just so you know, the California Condor is making a comeback. I don't know if the same can be said of the feature essay review).

    -Sasha (in the same downloadable chapter as Bob's essay) on "Firsthand knowledge in criticism."

All in all, some compelling reading (though reading off of PDF is a guaranteed headache - time to print this out).

  • Speaking of Sasha, I have to agree with him: Foxymoron is a great name for a blog. Oh yeah, Sasha's also looking for an intern which is cool though not quite as cool as when J-Ho was looking for a husband.

  • Remember MASH, aka Mansion, Apartment, Shack, house? Now you can play this summer camp game online.
    (credit: Pickin' Boogers)

  • Prince Harry plays Nazi. Pardon my French, but jesus, what a f---in' idiot.
    (credit: HHH)

  • People remark that I write. A lot. But seriously, I can't hold a candle to the intellectual/scribing force that is Mark Anthony Neal (T.N.I.). This guy knocks out what seems like an essay a day and unlike most of what's on the blog world, it's actually, you know, articulate. Here's a recent essay on Bert Williams, Lil Jon and Black minstrelsy.

  • Houstonsoreal is truly an amazing blog - it does what a good blog should do, which is provide content not readily available through another medium. This guy is providing such thorough detail of Southern hip-hop with his extensive interviews and profiles and even if you're not the biggest fan of the music, I'll guarantee that you'll learn something from it.

  • How to hack your own iPod Shuffle. Geeky but funny.
    (credit: Gizmodo)

  • Not getting your freak on.
    (credit: Pnuthouse)

  • D'Angelo's not having one of his better days.
    (credit: Funkdigital)

  • The Mingering Mike WWW Site. 'Bout time!

  • Ego Trip's Race-O-Rama is bizzack.

  • Speaking of, Jay Smooth breaks down the generation gap, all psychologically and stuff.

  • And speaking of breaking things down: Hip-Hop Reviewed is going to try to review every rap and R&B album from the last 10 years. I'd say that was insane except that I bet I would have tried to do the same thing 10 years ago had it occured to me. He's got up about 30 so far, only 2970 to go! (Did we really need all of Mary J. Blige's CDs reviewed? I mean, really? I'm not hating, just asking.)

    Some quick television notes:

    1) Serena getting fired from Law and Order was overdue since she was, by far, the most uninteresting ADA that's ever been on the show...but the whole, "are you firing me because I'm a lesbian" thing was so off-the-wall/from-left-field that I just kind of sat there for a second and wondered what the hell the writers were thinking when they put that in there. I still don't know. By the way, this is overdue but Jerry Orbach, RIP.

    2) Alias had its high point in Season 2 when Lena Olin was kicking major ass every week. Now it's almost like a parody of itself. The show is nearly unwatchable these days because there's practically nothing compelling about it anymore. The lone exception: Jack Bristow (Victor Garber). He is, by far, the best thing on the show right now. Maybe the only good thing. ABC should have ponied up to rehire Lena (and by the way, who among the show's watchers actually thinks her character is really dead? Sorry, until someone gets popped on screen, no one on this show is ever really dead).

    3) Sharon's really into Project Runway which means, by extension, I end up watching it too. I'm not mad at the show, especially since there's at least three or four people guaranteed to cry on it every week but I can't say the show puts a very flattering face on fashion designers. They all come off as either A) insane queens, B) emotional children or C) both. I also have to say this: can Austin be any prettier?

    4) I like Lost but it's getting taxing to watch with each new week. People like to compare it with the X-Files but at least X-Files had single-episode narratives that help keep viewers interest when the damn mythology got to be too much. After a while, Lost needs to cough up some of its secrets. This whole "eternal cliffhanger" method is already being squeezed to death by 24.