Monday, January 31, 2005


1. The latest Hot 97 update is this: there's been a letter passed around that claims that poor Miss Jones is the victim in all this, blaming the big bad radio producer for "The Tsunami Song." This is such a crock of disingenuous b.s. - no doubt, the producer needs to get canned too, but Miss Jones cannot convince me - or anyone else - that anyone forced her, as the host, to play this outrageous song four days in a row. Nice try but she's still going to be on the unemployment line with the rest of her staff/cast.

2. In a sure sign this whole affair is getting out-of-hand, now they got anti-Hot 97 T-shirts.

3. These stories from the dark side of record digging veer between disgusting and funny. Usually at the same time.

4. New blog alert (well, new to me anyhow): Promo Copy, an anonymous site by someone clearly in the deep belly of the music industry beast. People outside that sphere may not find much of interest here but for those of us who deal with this world day in, day out, this guy/gal speaks what we dare not say most of the time.
(credit: Unicorn's Tear)

5. Trader Joe's stoneground corn chips. So necessary.

6. People thought I was bugging out for big upping Jennifer Lopez's "Get Right." Well, maybe you'd prefer the same Rich Harrison beat but with Usher over it instead?