Monday, January 17, 2005


Young Exo breaks it down.


  • In the brilliant "truth follows fiction" dept., this one came to me via RJ Smith: Queens drug crew learns the game by watching The Wire.

  • File this under the "truth is strange than fiction" dept.: The Pentagon spent requested $7.5 million to research a weapon that would compel enemy troops to have sex with each other. Yes folks, a "gay bomb." Truly, utterly amazing.

  • The East Bay Express' Eric Arnold does the Rap '04 Round-up. Includes such tidbits as:
      "Pimp" Goes Mainstream

      The good: The word appears in a New Yorker cartoon, signifying its arrival.

      The bad: Nelly's P.I.M.P. college scholarship program. Twelve-year-old white suburban girls throughout the red states sing When the pimp's in the crib/Drop it like it's hot, thanks to Snoop Dogg. A proposed ballot measure to decriminalize prostitution gets a thumbs-down from Berkeley voters.

      The ugly: Snoop's outfits in Starsky & Hutch.
    (credit: Can't Stop, Won't Stop)

  • Speaking of the Bay - Newsweek sez Hyphy is the new crunk. Yeah, Newsweek.

  • I meant to post this a while back but it's never too late: The Geto Boys' "Minds Playin' Tricks On Me" as performed by Star Wars action figures.
  • This new Mariah Carey song would have sounded next level...three years ago. I don't think it's a bad song but Carey just sounds'90s. You know?

  • I think Government Names needs to do an expose on Johnny Crack.

  • Kobe might be on the road to redemption but his shoes are still ugly.
    (credit for the trio: Different Kitchen)

  • So far, the score has been Irina: 2, eBay: 0.