Saturday, January 01, 2005


(by Oliver)


  • MSN Filter - Music
    my "day" job blog new!
  • soul sides
    world famous audioblog (or so I say)
  • notes on the run
    my writing portfolio
  • pick a camera
    my amateur photo portfolio
  • ella's page
    we made this
  • the ozone
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  • Sharon Mizota's Yello Kitty
    my better (and smarter) half
  • Jeff Chang's Zentronix
    the godfather of Asian American writer/DJ/scholars (all three of us)
  • Hua Hsu's to here knows where
    without a doubt, the coolest grad student at Harvard, ever
  • Jon Caramamanica's Broken Language
    the tologist without the derma
  • Sasha Frere-Jones' S/FJ
    he makes the rest of us feel unworthy
  • Nebur's World
    don't hate him because he's an attorney
  • Julianne Shepherd's Cowboyz 'n' Poodles
    taking NYC by storm
  • Junichi Semitsu's The Pnut House
    wacky or witty? both!
  • Audrey Le's Damn
    DJ, artist, maker of hip-hop wallets, 'nuff said
  • J.H. Tompkins' Extreme Measures
    to the extreme, he rocks a blog like a vandal
  • Mizcat's The Kitty Litter
    the cat's meow
  • Jay Smooth's
    smooth is rugged like slave man boots
  • Danyel Smith's Naked Cartwheels
    one of the godmothers of contemporary hip-hop journalism
  • Mark Anthony Neal's New Black Man
    t.n.i. for life
  • Joseph Schloss' Soul Imperialist
    universal magnetic b-boy intellectual


  • Nick Barat's Catchdubs
    hollertronix ya'll
  • Ian Steaman's Different Kitchen
    chopping it up like a master chef
    politic ditto
  • Filmbrain
    international film junkie
  • Kris' Contagious? Outrageous!
    life, music and everything in between
  • Michaelangelo Matos' Schmusic
    music obsessive, the sequel
  • 15 Minutes to Live
    still royal
  • Chris Ryan's Chauncey Billups
    young chris' basketball blog
  • Uncle Grambo's
    gossip whore extraordinaire


  • David Drake's so sinsurr
    never insecurr with his opinions
    getting digi with it
  • Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage
    recyclable wisdom
  • Hip Hop Blogs
    pretty much what the title says
  • SOHH Blogs
    the mash out posse
  • Clyde Smith's
    the rap business
  • Rawj's Pacific Standard
    rap news and issues from the yay and beyond
  • Robbie Ettelson's Tribute to Ignorance
    hip-hop interivews, features, and more

    like the brother I never had
  • The Blueprint
  • Margaret Cho
    doesn't she have a day job?
  • Google News
    good place as any to start
  • Hyphen's Blog
    No AZN speak here
  • Philip Sherburne
    I always want to call him Sherbert 'cause he's got so much flavor
  • Pickin' Boogers
    more links than a gold chain
  • Gizmodo
    for tech geeks like me
  • Engadget


  • Andrea Chiu's Foxymoron
    at the very least, I just like the name
  • Adisa Banjoko's Holla at a Scholar
    lyrical swords swing
  • Promocopy
    more about the world of music PR then you'd ever really want to know