Wednesday, March 23, 2005


(by Oliver)

answer to the question: what happened to the atban clan?

Oliver Wang: Can you explain to me how the Black Eyed Peas went from a B-rate Pharcyde to a mega-group? Those dudes are everywhere right now.

Hua Hsu: multiculturalism, college

OW: wasn't it really just the strength of "Where Is the Love"?

HH: yeah but what I mean is, they're the kind of rap group that exists because college exists

OW: but why did it take until their 3rd LP to blow?

HH: because their first 2 LPs didn't have anything commercial enough. "Fallin up' was cool but it's not as dumb and populist as 'where is the love?' or 'let's get retarded.'

HH: they're like the fugees, only you dont have to think.