Monday, March 21, 2005


(by Oliver)

banned in britain?

1. A school in the UK has apparently banned students from wearing racially improper hairstyles, i.e. white kiddies ain't allowed to rock corn rows and knotty dreads. Given - even I get a little annoyed at all the WASPafarians around the Bay Area rockin' locks but I wouldn't go as far as to pass school policy around it.

What would Kobena Mercer say (that's a little cultural studies jokes for the two of you who might have gotten it)?
(credit: Soul Strut Forums)

2. A Kansas State Univ. professor was convicted for murdering his ex-wife. Part of the evidence used to seal the deal were computer searches he had done for things such as "how to murder someone and not get caught" and "murder for hire."

3. Most intelligent, rational people realize that the Bush administration's push for "abstinence only" sex education is flat-out stupid public policy. Not only has recent research shown that the majority of people who take abstinence-only pledges end up breaking them - denying oneself only increses the desire, duh! - but even more telling is that rates of STDs are statistically equal for people having sex vs. those who've taken the pledge.

The reasons for this are obvious: abstinence-only programs are so hell-bent on pushing an anti-sex message, they fail to educate young people on the basics of sexual health and safety. Moreover, it seems that a large number of pledges try to scoot around their promise by claiming that while they won't have sexual intercourse, oral sex and anal sex are ok.

Pause with that for a moment.

So basically, instead of teaching young people how to have sex safely and responsibly, these programs are instead inadverntently encouraging the creation of a generation of sodomites.

Clearly, I came of age in the wrong decade.

4. Hua Hsu interviews MF Doom for The Wire Magazine. Who knew anyone liked Alpha Flight? Canadian super heroes, unite!

5. Common's video for "The Corner" is seriously excellent.

6. Our man Jeff "He Can't Stop" Chang has been on an award tour lately. Check out his interview on KQED's Forum where Dr. Cecil Brown called up to throw shade. (I'm really not trying to open this can of worms up again, but it's just damn interesting how certain Asian/Black tensions have been opened up of late through hip-hop. You almost miss the days when we were merely invisible).

And the SF Weekly just ran a long story about the history of Solesides and Quannum. It's always great to see long-form journalism still alive and well out there and writer Sam Chennault writes a compelling narrative even if he did get a song title wrong. (Sorry, but the whole "Send Them, Tom" thing is rather funny. Not like my book didn't have typos either).

7. Sasha Frere-Jones reports on the annual Mixtape Awards. Add this to my never-ending list of reasons why I'm sad I don't live in NYC.

8. tries to decipher Dr. Dre's hit-making secrets but as J-Smooth points out, for every hit Dre is behind, there's a whole platoon's worth of failed artists left over at Aftermath. Hello King T? Hello Rakim? That's just for starters.

9. Greg Tate's two bits on 50 Cent.

10. Last, but not least, Andrea Duncan-Mao has a blog. Not only is she a UC Berkeley alum (like both Junichi and I), a mover-shaker in the hip-hop industry and journalism biz, but she also possesses one of the cooler hyphenated surnames we've seen. She also was witness to one of my favorite Redman/Method Man stories ever but I can't really blow up her spot with it - she'll have to decide on her own to regale us with it (no pressure A).