soul sides - time traveling thru music's past

soul sides - time traveling thru music's past

Among hip-hop's many gifts to the world of music has been the way it's opened the door into the grooves of yore. For whatever legal issues sampling raises, it's undeniable that the proliferation of digital sampling by hip-hop producers pioneered a resurrection of interest in older soul, funk, jazz, rock, etc. Think about it - where would musicians like James Brown, David Axelrod and the Meters be if Marley Marl, Diamond D and Mark the 45 King hadn't looped their breakbeats, basslines and horn play?

But more than just encouraging people to play "name that sample" games, this surge in interest has blown the dust off of thousands, if not millions, of "lost" 45s, LPs and 12"s that would have otherwise vanished into the storage bin of history. More importantly, it's lead people to explore music beyond just the contemporary rage; today's music aficiandos are as interested in a 45 from 30 years back as they are in a 12" that just hit the street today (if not more so). What other time in pop music's history has past and present become the passion of so many people in the same moment?

I've been collecting older albums and singles since about 1994 and I have no illusions - my crates don't come close to touching those of people I've met like Beni B, DJ Shadow, Jake One, and countless others who've spent the better part of their lives in small mom and pop stores, random garages and thift shops, looking for that perfect beat. But, so long as I have the time to search, I have time to share and these pages remain dedicated with shining some light on music from our past that deserves to merit some attention in the present. I encourage more collectors and DJs to do the same - each one, teach one. So follow the funk, just follow the funk.


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