Nikon Photos (April - June 2002)
Taken in the Bay Area


Nerissa and protestors. Dolores Park, S.F. April 20, 2002 Anti-War Protest. Nerissa is the woman with her fist aloft and a sticker on her face at center. She's in my graduate program at Cal and I ran ahead of the march and quickly pointed backwards to get this shot. One of the qualities of the N90S is that it has a very fast auto-focus system. It also helped that it was bright daylight, and therefore, shutter speed was probably close to maxed out.

B/W Film (Kodak C-41, 400)
Color Film (Kodak Versatility, 400)
B/W shots processed at Photoworks, S.F. and Cantoo, Berkeley
Color shots processed at 1 hr. labs
Scanned with an Espon 2450