Wednesday, September 08, 2004


I don't know if I should be concerned or flattered but Soul Sides received its very first "cease and desist" from a copyright holder today - from the management company for John Klemmer's catalog. They asked that I either remove or license the copy of Klemmer's "Free Soul" that I had up and as per our personal policy 'round here, down it came. I figured it had to happen eventually though I don't think I would have put money that it'd be Klemmer's people that would come calling first. On the other hand, he's hardly an obscure musician but unlike, say, a more contemporary label/artist, the worth of sharing sound files is likely not perceived as important for them.


  • Moistworks has some tasty treats up right now, including Don Covay's "Overtime Man" and Ray Charles' ever-funky "Booty Butt."

  • Cocaine Blunts has moved over to their own domain name and are currently rocking rare Nas joints. Feel that.