"A Groove Thing" Liner Notes

1. Grooveintro
Just plain funky...

2. Ananda Shankar: Streets of Calcutta
Supremely ill sitar funk from the nephew of Ravi Shankar - and I suppose, by that extension, cousin to Norah Jones. Feat. on his Ananda Shankar and His Music album on EMI India.

3. Roberto Roena Y Su Apollo Sound: Que Se Sepa
From album number 5 by Roena and his Apollo Sound - a wicked little Latin number that kicks in an unexpected funky backbeat.

4. Assagai: Telephone Girl
A familiar cameo on African funk compilations, this great groover is from the self-titled Assagai album on Vertigo.

5. 21 Guitar Greats: Scorpio
From an otherwise forgettable and totally innocuous looking pop instrumental album out of Canada. Is there such a thing as a bad cover of "Scorpio"?

6. Nubian Crackers: Do You Want To Hear It? (RX)
Admit it - you slept on this 12" from the mid-90s which also happens to be the first time the Artifacts appeared on vinyl. This Old School mix is funkier than a mosquito's tweeter.

7. Steady B: Serious (RX)
Easily one of hip-hop's greatest remixes of all time. Break it down like this!

8. Black Sheep: The Choice Is Yours (RX)
Do I even need to explain this?

9. Pete Rock and CL Smooth: T.R.O.Y.
Classic material.

10. Jungle Brothers: JBs Comin' Through
From the B-side of their "What U Waitin 4" 12", this is hands-down my favorite Jungle Brothers' song. That piano loop is ridiculous.

11. Jungle Jim: (Do the) Masai
Not the toughest of all 45s or anything, but a solid groover nonetheless.

12. Nite-Liters: Down and Dirty
Another great funk swinger by Fuqua's Nite-Liters, this can be found on both RCA 7" as well as the first, self-titled Nite-Liters album.

13. Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band-Giggin' Down 103rd
This one's taken from their Together album, easily their best album for a group that had a fantastic run of amazing funk instrumental tunes. Super-slammin'.

14. Shalimar: Let's Dance Together
From the Bollywood movie soundtrack, you can find this on a picture sleeve 45.

15. A Tribe Called Quest: Award Tour
Weldon Irvine - RIP.

16. Robin Jones: Royal Marcha
This 12" on Royal Palm is what my man Vinnie Esparza calls a "bridge" song - the type of cut you can use to easily splice between Latin and hip-hop. Superbad.

17. Bobby Matos: Raices
From the amazing My Latin Soul album, now available on reissue.

18. Johnny Pate: Shaft in Africa
To me, one of the best blaxploitation songs ever cut. Every piece of this song is butter.

19. Area Code 615: Stone Fox Chase
Harmonica funk? Hell yeah. From the the group's Trip to the Country LP.

20. Overton Berry Trio: Jesus Christ Superstar
From the self-titled The Overton Berry Trio album this one just rips it straight off the hinges.

21. Eric B and Rakim: Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em (RX)
This remix was only available, from what I understand, on the UK promos. Classic new school era production - dig that bassline.

22. Pete Rock and CL Smooth: The Creator (RX)
From the 12" promo of this early Pete Rock and CL hit.

23. LL Cool J: Jingling Baby (RX)
The remix that was to LL what "Nappy Heads" was to the Fugees. Marley Marl at his finest.

24. Central Line: Walking Into Sunshine (RX)
Larry Levan at his finest. From the 12" - not found on the 7" single so beware.

25. Clyde Alexander and Sanction: Got To Get Your Love
An insanely good disco era soul cut recently reissued on 12", also on the Disco Juice volume 1 comp.

26. De La Soul: A Roller Skate Jam Named Saturday (RX)
From the 12" - probably the best De La ever put out in terms of variety of remixes and flavors.