Thank You's For Vol 9

To all who boought/got this tape: Sorry it took so damn long (a year plus). Hopefully, two hours should keep you tied up for a hot minute as I work on: Incognitos Vol. 2 ‚ The Revenge, Ožs Dub Vol. 10 ‚ The Anniversary Edition, Incognitos Vol. 3 ‚ Remixes and B-sides, and F.O.S.S.I.L. Vol. 1 (From Oliver, Some S--- I Like). Please catch my radio show (now in streaming audio!)

If you liked the music you heard: Many of these items were/are available for purchase online at both: as well as Support online hip-hop!

Respect Due...
The Cali Clique:
Cat for constant love and support. Ikuko, Ernest, Mimi, Dave, Liz, Vina, Bernice, Todd, Ray, Rani, Sara, Vikki and all my friends for their backing. DJs Beni B, Davey D, Billy Jam, Mickey, Willie Dynamite, Malachi, Double O, Oni One, Ecko, Om and all other spin doctors. DJ Shadow, Lyrics Born, Isaac and the rest of Quannum. Dose, Sole @ Anticon. Byze, Toby, Josh Kun, Wendy, Jeff Liu and the LA massive. Shouts to Joe, Kyra, Ryan, Robin Kelley & fam, George Lipsitz and all other hip-hop academics. Steve for designing yet another dope tape cover for me. Give my man some

The NYC God Squad: The 360 Threesome: Zen-topia, Jazzy Beaux (Bo! Bo!), JD the Worst Kept Secret, plus Serena, Andrea, Jungwon, Jee and anyone else I forgot whožs slavinž for Mr. Simmons. and BET. "Shady" Corey, "Shady" Jim, Ed and Ken. Amy, Sophia and Shi Yan.

Writer's Guild: Dave Tompkins ("with a pen/he's extreme"), James Tai (the best kept secret), Hua Sulu (the Hahvad man). Tommy @ SFBG, John @ LA Weekly, Daniel and Kathyrn @ URB, Will and Tracy @ Spin, Bill @ CMJ, Suroosh @ Vice, Mao, SK, Brent and Co. @ Ego Trip (dope book & album!), Lizz @ Amazon, Kevin @ Stance, Josh DuLac, Tony, Charles, Sia, Andrea, Sylvia and the rest of the Soundings crew. Flash, Rehan, Jason and the rest of my writeržs squad @ URB.

The Groove Merchants: Mercer @ Sandbox, Jorge Sellsmore @ Raw Shack, Pizzo @ HipHopSite, Cool Chris @ Groove Merchant, John @ Persimmon, Big Serg, Rasta Cue, Friz B, Doc Fu, Vitamin @ Amoeba, Fat Beats (LA), Incognito @ Fat Beats (Atlanta), Todd Osborn @ Duplate, Egon and Chris @ Stonesthrow, the whole Crates crew.

Industry Insiders: Ciara @ Nu Gruv, Treavor @ Scorepress, Devin, Shawn and Charles @ Rawkus, Zuharah @ Def Jam, Zenobia at large. TRC Distribution (for selling my tapes!) and anyone else I forgot who's done me favors.

Artists: De La Soul, Gang Starr, Common (except when hežs a homophobic juvenile), Prince Paul, Dan "The Automator", Kid Koala, Mr. Lif, Dennis @ 2 Tongues, Realizm, Cut Chemist, Numark and J5, Ozomatli, Mos Def and Talib Kweli, Planet Asia, Eclipse 427, Aceyalone, Dilated Peoples, Quasimoto, PUTS, Hieros, the Sound Providers, K-Otix and any one else who put out a dope 12"/LP that got me through the year.