O's Dub Vol. 9 - Double Flip
Liner Notes

TAPE 1 - Side A

Slum Village: Don't Sell Yourself Taken from their album, but this was one of the stand-outs that appeared on early bootlegs of Slum Village's "Fantastic Vol 2" that appeared well over a year ago.
Q-Tip: Let's RideArguably one of the best songs from Q-Tip's solo album ‚ and very similar in production style to the previous Slum Village track. Jaydee really seems to like going with two/four bar open drum breaks before dropping in the melody (see Common's "The Light" too).
Nextmen w/ Grap Luva: Break the MoldDon't know why they didn't include this track on the Nextmen album. Taken from their first 12", this version is fantastic ‚ Grap Luva kills it on the vocals, showing that he's more than just Pete Rock's younger bro.
Unsung Heroes, Siah & Yeshua: Transatlantic Another winner from the duo of Siah and Yeshua dapo Ed from one of the best indie 12"s of 1999 (both sides were lovely).
Apani B Fly Emcee: NarcoticLittle heard song from a compilation put together by Japan's Mary Joy called "Sign of the Times Vol. 2". Apani's got crazy skills ‚ definitely one of the best female MCs out there.
Mountain Brothers: Days of Being DumbFrom their debut album ‚ a great, "back in the day" song that captures Chops and Styles' love for hip-hop.
Makemba Mooncycle & Talib Kweli: Lunchroom ClassicsAnother song from "Sign of the Times" ‚ great, jazzy production by the Lone Catalysts' J-Rawls and Kweli and Makemba team up with nice chemistry.
Lone Catalysts: Due ProcessSpeaking of J-Rawls, another solid track, this time for his own Lone Cats.
Kardinal Offishall: U R Ghetto WhenA funny, snaps-driven cut from Offishall's "Mic T.H.U.G.S." 12"
K-Otix: World ReknownAnother very, very solid 12" from Houston's K-Otix.
Mass Hysteria: ExclusiveHeard this one off of a Chicago mixtape and knew I had to have it. Blazing braggadocio and a bombastic guitar-driven beat.
Obscure Disorder w/ Ill Bill: 2004Dark and deadly, Canada's Obscure Disorder team up with Non-Phixion's Ill Bill on this title track from a new 12".
Ripshop: CrabfakersThis Rawkus 12" sort of came and went without much notice but some brutal lyrics on this track.
Brassmunk: One, 2Dope little 12" out of Canada with some funny lyrics ("my crew fat like Miss Piggy"? word!)
Pharoahe Monch: Livin' It UpOriginally off of the "Next Friday" soundtrack, this superior Monch song ended up on his Rawkus 12", "The Light". Should be noted ‚ the beat was originally flipped by Dilated Peoples for "Triple Optics."
Large Pro & Neek the Exotic: Rhyme Mania å99Given how flat much of the Large Professor's outings have been, this pairing with Neek was a nice surprise.
Mos Def and Talib Kweli: Another WorldStrong Black Star reunion that appeared on its own 12" (a remix showed up on an import comp, but I always liked the original mix better.

Side B
Animal Pharm w/ Aceyalone: You Will Lose rxNo offense to Animal Pharm, but Acey just kills this cameo verse from the 12" by the same name.
Aceyalone: Gimme Five FeetAnother brilliant Aceyalone song, this time taken from Fat Jack's "Cater to the DJ" triple album.
King Tee: Cali ExpertTaken from the Organized Rhymes Vol. 2 12", a surprisingly dope song from King Tee over a gorgeous piano chord progression.
Kazi: Called Your BluffYou gotta feel those congas on this song taken from Kazi's split 12" (with Kombo on the B-side).
7L and Esoteric: State of the ArtDark horse winner from DJ Revolution's mixtape album in 1999.
Ben Buford: Hitman 4 HireIll lyrics from this LA artist (taken from 12" of the same name).
Dilated Peoples: Triple Optics rxIncredible remix featured on the "Funky Precedent" compilation, this Dilated song flips a smokin' funk 45. Play on!
Divine Styler: Make It PlainSpeaking of "Funky Precedent", this remix of Divine Styler's "Make It Plain" was one of the best cuts from that comp.
Akrobatik: Say Yes, Say WordSolid song from a 1999 12" by Boston's Akrobatik.
Masta Ace: ObservationsNew song and single off of Delicious Vinyl ‚ Masta Ace returns to his "Slaughtahouse" roots of straight b-boy lyricism.
Screwball: H.O.S.T.Y.L.E.Love the beat off of this 12" and Screwball album.
Cocoa Brovas: Super BrooklynSuper Mario Bros. never sounded so funky. Taken off a 12" and is also on the "Game Over" compilation.
Ugly Duckling: Put It On YouSlick B-side exclusive from LA's Ugly Duckling.
Jay Z: It's Like ThatDope, older song from Jay Z's "Hard Knock Life" album, also featured on Kid Capri's lackluster "Soundtrack of the Streets" comp.
Slick Rick: I SparkleThis was supposed to be on Slick Rick's 1999 album and was left off for some strange reason ‚ really great song and luckily, it got bootlegged onto white label.
Common: The LightAnother Jaydee banger with Common sings love-ly praises to some nameless boo.
KMD w/ Kurious: Stop Smokin' That Sh*tFeatured on both a Fondle åEm 12" by KMD, as well as the Readyrock re-release of their long-lost "Black Bastards" LP.
Tony Touch w/ Mos Def and De La Soul: What's That?Taken from Tony Touch's recent Tommy Boy album, this song features Mos Def coming mo' def in Spanglish as Posdnuos provides back-up on the second set of verses.
ATCQ: Electric Relaxation rxThis Propellerheads remix is from the "Old School Vs. New School Vol 2" compilation.
Quannum f. Lyrics Born: I Changed My Mind rxDJ Spinna provides the remix touch for Lyrics Born on this Quannum 12".

TAPE 2 - Side A
Burnt Batch: I Don't KnowFools slept on this underground album from Oakland's Burnt Batch. Love the production especially.
Ugly Duckling: Journey to AnywhereAnother "Funky Precedent" selection (a very dope comp if you catch the clue).
Herbaliser w/ Latyrx: 8 Pt. AgendaCool collabo (on Ninja Tune) between the UK's Herbaliser and Bay Area's Latryx.
Jurassic 5: Concrete and ClayExclusive B-side by J5 (on the "Improvise" 12") that's the sequel to their winning "Concrete Schoolyard".
SDM: Never-EndingOakland's Sanitation Department Music picks up Del's lost lyrical style as well as reflips an old Freddie Foxxx beat.
OD w/ Freestyle Fellowship: Can You Findä?One of the most incredible songs of 1999 ‚ this is some classic, early å90s Freestyle Fellowship lyricism. Mind-blowing 12".
Casual: I Got To (Get Down)Finally, a new 12" by the Hieroglyphics mic enforcer. Sick strings and sicker lyrics. From a Stimulated 12".
Dilated Peoples: StrengthTitle track from the Full Frequency compilation. Also on the flipside of Aceyalone's "Rappers, Rappers, Rappers" 12".
Defari: Say It TwiceFeatured under Defari's "Bill the Kid" moniker, this was better than most of what was on Defari's disappointing debut album. Evidence has never produced better either with this piano pounding track.
Motion Man: Duck DuckHell, I don't even remember which comp this was off ofäand it's actually under Motion Man's new nom de plume, but I'm too lazy to look it up.
Aceyalone: Rappers, Rappers, RappersTaken from the "Strength Presents" compilation on Full Frequency (formerly Payday).
PUTS: Code CheckOne of PUTS' best songs, featured first on the "Youth Explosion" 12", then on their sophomore LP.
Barbershop MCs: Music, Money, WomenFrom the B-side of Dilated Peoples' "Basics" 12" (on Rah Rah). Nice, flute-inflected beat.
Fat Lip: What's Up Fat Lip?Wow ‚ does this man need therapy or what? Biting sarcasm though.
Quasimoto: Boom MusicFrom Quasi's "C'mon Feet" 12" as well as his amazing "The Unseen" LP.
Sound Providers: Get DownOne of the dope indie 12's of 1999, "Get Down" flips some dope ass version of "Spinning Wheel" here. Another strong 12" from the San Diego crew of the Sound Providers.
Cali Agents: The Good LifeOne of the better songs (and 12") from an otherwise lackluster album by Rasco and Planet Asia.
Breakestra: Getcho Soul TogethaSolid 45 from LA's Breakestra. Raw funk done in the tradition of the great ones.

Side B
Jurassic 5: Quality ControlTitle track from J5's album ‚ funky, funky, funky.
Lyrics Born: Always Fine TuningBlazing B-side to "I Changed My Mind". Lyrics Born teams up with the Automator on this bassline driven braggadocio bomber.
Saukrates: ActionAn older 12", but absolutely awesome, especially with that funk guitar track.
Checkmate: LongshotStraight outta Florida, a solid 12" from Checkmate.
Butta Babees: The ScienceCanada's Butta Babees turns in this smooth song from their "Baby Mother" 12"
Truth Enola: SongstressSublime song that starts off the "Wide Angles" compilation. Features De La Soul later on (though I just stuck with Enola's verses).
Agallah: Crookie MonsterAgallah turns a harmless Sesame St. song into his own thug anthem. Funny and dope.
Common: The 6th SenseLead single from Common's exceptional fourth album.
Rah Digga: Lessons of TodayFrom Rah Digga's debut album ‚ a well-executed concept song about brotherly love and loss.
Afu Ra: Mic CheckOne of Primo's most aggressive beats of late and another strong outing by Afu Ra who seems poised to do some good things.
De La Soul: Oooh!Redman cameos on this lead 12" from the new "Art Official Intelligence" album.
Styles Infinite: Fresh AirStyles, from the Mountain Brothers, takes up a solo 12" and comes with some great punchlines.
Joey Chavez: Worldwide IIFeatured on the "Always Bigger and Better" compilation, this one has Defari dropping lines over another Joey Chavez winner.
Erule: The Real MeFinally, the maker of "Listen Up" returns and it's been worth the wait.
Big L: On the MicSlammin' remix of Big L's "Size åEm Up", featured on the B-side of "Flamboyant".
Pep Love: Act. PhenomBrilliant B-side by one of Hiero's more slept-on members. He gives it to ya.
Big Dro: SpankLA's Big Dro opens a can of whoop ass with this one.
Sound Providers: Yes Ya'llClosing out "Double Flip" is another solid, jazzy track from SD's Sound Providers. From the ABB 12" "The Difference."