Saturday, February 23, 2002

so fresh, so clean, so...olympic?
You gotta love hip-hop fashion through the ages. I mean, what would hip-hop have been without polka dots (Kwame), parachute pants (Hammer), hi-top fades (Big Daddy Kane) and velour jump suits (too countless to mention). But I have to give it up to these cats - the Dominating MCs, who were out of Philly. I mean, these guys are striking a b-boy pose in a high school library of all places. If that isn't keep it real, I don't what is. Special, extra props go to Maleak who's trying to front like he's got a cell phone except that you can see the cord stretched back to the wall. Now that's flavor.

Special shout out to Brian Coleman of Boston, MA who upped me on the Dominating MCs and dolls suffocating inside of plastic bags.